6.Kangana Ranaut

2016 Best Reviews Of Spectacular Bollywood Actresses 6

Kangana Renaut is the one the most stylish and fashionable actress in Bollywood. In Indian cinema screen, when it comes to beauty, her fashion says it all, her dressing and her perfect face and body makes her look perfect from head to toe.

She has been awarded as the best actress of performing as a Queen by the Recipient of National Award, Kangana became the queen of Bollywood since then and the name suits her perfectly.

7.Alia Bhatt

2016 Best Reviews Of Spectacular Bollywood Actresses 7

The cutest, as well as a beautiful actress of Bollywood, is Alia Bhatt. She has a perfect acting skill that’s why she started her career as an actor when she was 18 and also her innocent look made her most desirable actress of Bollywood.

8.Jacqueline Fernandes

2016 Best Reviews Of Spectacular Bollywood Actresses 8

As we all know that Jacqueline was the winner of Miss Sri Lanka Universe Pageant in 2006. She has those perfect eyes and the lips that make adrenaline runs through your veins whenever she smiles. She is also a perfect dancer that’s why her dance number ‘Chittiya Kalaiyaa’ makes you crazy.

Undoubtedly, Jacqueline has flawless beauty but she also has the talent of acting which can make you smile when she smiles and make you cry when she cries.

9.Shraddha Kapoor

2016 Best Reviews Of Spectacular Bollywood Actresses 9

To be the best actress of Bollywood is not that easy that understand. Shraddha achieved this because she is not only beautiful but also talented when it comes to acting in movies. Only just look at her smile, it melts your heart.

Shraddha has a slim body, and she looks always simply perfect in any dresses which she wears. She is the little princess and perfect Bollywood actress ever.

10.Anushka Sharma

2016 Best Reviews Of Spectacular Bollywood Actresses 10

With an innocent smile, Anushka Sharma is one of the best and youngest actresses in Bollywood and there are many reasons behind it. Beauty is one of those things that makes her stand out in the crowd of Bollywood world. As well as she has flawless look, perfect eyes, and also an incredible acting skill, she has got everything you are looking for in the best actress. Now what you want?

Okay….. She has an absolutely lovely personality, this actress is a kind of friendly nature which makes everyone likes her and never get tired of watching her in any movies she performs. She has a fabulous personality that makes her more popular.