The man who is known as Harry Potter in the whole world, Daniel Radcliffe becomes a well-known personality in Hollywood world. Everyone loves Daniel Radcliffe for his performance in Harry Potter movies. He became the famous magician of Hollywood industry in the entire world. Obviously, you don’t wanna to miss his latest upcoming movies list. Me too, that’s why here I’m going to present here the full list of Daniel Radcliffe’s upcoming movies.

Well, the full name of Harry Potter is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe who is an English actor. Daniel made his first debut at 10 years of age in 1999 television film David Copperfield. At 11 years of age, he was cast as Harry Potter in the first part of Harry Potter series.

Not only Harry Potter series Daniel gives much more best movies that can make your jaw drop. His recent movies – Victor Frankenstein which was released in 2015 was a science-fiction, fantasy film, and his comedy-drama film, Swiss-Army Man was also an awesome film in that movie Daniel gave a fantastic performance. He gives a thrilling performance in Now You See Me 2 & Imperium films which were come in 2016.

He has donated to many charities, including Demelza Hospice Care for Children, and The Trevor Project for suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth, which gave him its Hero Award in 2011.

Let’s check out the new upcoming movies list of Daniel Radcliffe which was given below:

#1 Beast Of Burden:

daniel radcliffe new movie

This is an action & thriller based film of Daniel Radcliffe, in which a pilot endeavors to skid past federal agents and drug cartels while running drugs across the U.S. border.

About The Movie:

  • Directed By: Jesper Ganslandt
  • Produced By: Mary Aloe, Michael Diamond, Jeff Elliott, Chad Moore, Dan Reardon, Paul Schiff
  • Written By: Adam Hoelzel
  • Genres: Action,Thriller
  • Cinematography: Michael Barrett
  • Edited By: Juliette Welfling
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

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  • Pablo Schriber
  • Grace Summer
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Renne Willet
  • Ashton Tatum
  • David Joseph Martinez
  • John Getter
  • Cesar Perez
  • James Hoelzel
  • Alec Heroux
    • Release Date:

      Not known

      #2 Jungle:

      daniel radcliffe new movies

      It is an adventurous upcoming Australian film off Daniel Radcliffe which is directed by Greg McLean and the story is based on a group of friends trek into the Bolivian Jungle with a fake guide.

      About The Movie:

      • Directed By: Greg McLean
      • Produced By: Todd Fellman, Mike Gabraway, Gary Hamilton, Mark Lazarus, Dana Lusting, Greg McLean
      • Screenplay By:Justin Monjo
      • Music By:Johnny Klimek
      • Cinematography: Stephan Duscio
      • Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
      • Edited By: Sean Lahiff
      • Country: Australia, Colombia
      • Language: English

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      • Daniel Radcliffe as Yossi Ghinsberg
      • Yasmin Kassim as Kina
      • Joel Jackson as Marcus
      • Jacek Koman as Moni Ghinsberg
      • Lily Sullivan as Amie
      • Angie Milliken as Stela
      • Joey Vieira as Black Jack
      • Paris Moletti as Bolivian
      • Luis Jose Lopez as Tico
      • Thomas Kretschmann
      • Alex Russell

      Release Date:

      Coming soon in 2017

      I know it’s very tough to wait to see Daniel Radcliffe in theaters with his new concept but we have no more option except to wait. So, stay tune with us for more updates of new list list of upcoming movies of Daniel Radcliffe.