3. Five Deadly Venoms(1978):

Top 8 Kung Fu Movies Of Martial Arts Ever Made-3

The five deadly venoms are as follows: The Centipede, The Scorpion, The Snake, The Lizard, and The Toad. One time I was interviewing the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, and asked the rap star and kung fu enthusiast if he feared anything, like, say for instance, The Centipede. He responded: “Oh, the centipede style from Five Deadly Venoms? That don’t scare me, because I know all the poisons. How one poison counters the other poison. So I am not worried about that.” Thanks for putting our fears to rest, Abbot.

Must Read It!

4. Best of the Best(1989):

Top 8 Kung Fu Movies Of Martial Arts Ever Made-4

This is arguably Eric Roberts’s finest role, if you discount his star turn in Sharktopus. James Earl Jones is the coach of the American martial arts team, which believe it or not isn’t enough to put them over the top against a far superior Korean team, led by the karate master-pirate Dae Han. Best of the Best spawned some fairly ridiculous sequels, but the original is the one that best stands the test of time, mostly because of Eric Roberts crying for some reason, and also due to a flashback scene with a kid spilling his ice cream in slow motion—no doubt a metaphor for humanity’s tenuous and extra creamy existence.