5. Master of the Flying Guillotine(1977):

Top 8 Kung Fu Movies Of Martial Arts Ever Made-5

Master of the Flying Guillotine features what is, without a shred of a doubt, a terrifying weapon in all of the martial arts film-dom. This old bearded guy, who apparently hates Millennials as much as everyone else does, goes around throwing this nightmarish murder contraption over his younger opponents’ heads. These are removed, in short order, from their bodies to become his grisly trophies. Oh also: There’s this yoga guy who resembles Dhalsim from Street Fighter, all managed in the days before CGI. Yep, this one has it all.

Must Read It!

6. Ong-bak(2003):

Top 8 Kung Fu Movies Of Martial Arts Ever Made-6

As ethereally beautiful as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon undoubtedly is, Ong-bak: Thai Warrior is in many ways its opposite; the absolute pinnacle of no-nonsense, hand-to-hand, bone-to-bone circus violence. When a no-good thief named “Don” steals the head of a statue that’s super important to his simple village, that’s when Tony Jaa gets angry. You wouldn’t like Tony Jaa when he’s angry.