Karishma Talwar is the new queen of Splitsvilla 8 in episode 16.

On Saturday night, the episode 16 of MTV Splitsvilla 8 was totally a dramatic episode. Karishma Talwar was chosen as the new Queen by Amaad and guess what, after becoming queen she dumped Ishaan! The contenders were Sana, Anuki, Karishma, Subuhi and Priyanka.


Last week we saw that Prince Narula being crowned as the new King of MTV Splitsvilla 8. This week Prince had the power to choose his queen. Prince thought he should give a chance to Karishma and nominate her name to become the queen against Subuhi, without knowing that this decision was the BIGGEST mistake of his life which he has done.

As we all know that how much Karishma has been hated in the villa. As soon as Prince picked Karishma name for queen nomination, everyone began questioning his decision right from Paras to Ishaan. No one stood in favor of Karishma except for Zane.

But suddenly Karishma intervened and a big fight started between Yash and her. Karishma asserted at him and shows her ill mannerism, says “Chappal nikaal ke muhn pe maarongi,” can you believe it?. Yash also replies in the same manner and she breaks down, and calls Yash ‘Uncle!’


Seeing all this happened, Prince horribly regretted his decision and requested to Rannvijay that could he replace Karishma. But much to everyone’s dismay, Karishma was made to contend with Subuhi.

Even all things were more complicated when Amaad was brought back on the show to declare the final queen between Karisma and Subuhi.

Whom did he choose?

Well, you have got your answer.


Yes! It was the revengeful Karishma who has taken the throne as the new Queen of MTV Splitsvilla 8!

At last, the villa suddenly started burning with anger, seeing a cunning woman like Karishma sit there at the throne. Definitely invited a lot of negative reactions with all on one side and Karishma and Zane on the other.

Rannvijay and Sunny Leone remained silent, observing all these things which were happened in the villa. But the highlight of the show that Karishma took her revenge from Subuhi to make her cry by using Ishaan in the banishment zone. When she succeeded in doing then she also dumped Ishaan.


Subuhi broke down to tears, leaving a happy Karishma smiling away to glory. But this moment didn’t last for long. Sunny consoles to Subuhi and boosted her confidence by saying, “the show is still on and revenge never wins!” Hearing this, Subuhi instantly got confidence back and royally gave it back to Karishma declaring herself as the ultimate winner of this episode.

At last, a lot of drama created in Saturday night’s episode. But the next weekend is going to get even spicier with a new entry on the show.

Yes! There is a chance to come a sexy siren to be introduced on the show. Who is this wild card?
So, Keep watching Splitsvilla 8 for more updates!

I think after watching this episode you definitely wanna know about Karishma Talwar and also her breakup with her ex-boyfriend. So, check out some more details about her which are given below:

Full Name: Karishma Talwar

The New Queen Of Splitsvilla 8 in Episode 16 Is Karishma Talwar-1

Nick name: Kishi

The New Queen Of Splitsvilla 8 in Episode 16 Is Karishma Talwar-2

Date of Birth: 8/02/1993

The New Queen Of Splitsvilla 8 in Episode 16 Is Karishma Talwar-3

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