4.They are always taking exams!

Engineering Campus Myths That Should Be Debunked-4

People believe that engineering students have no right to enjoy their life as their whole life passes in giving the exam. But do you know the truth as other courses students engineering students also study just before the commence of the exam or we can say this “last night study”? So don’t have this assumption as exams were only held on every semester just like any other courses.

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5. There are future Tony Starks running around campus

Engineering Campus Myths That Should Be Debunked-5

Of all the myths this is the funniest myth people think that if you are an engineer then inventions come true means engineering campus is full of inventions and discoveries but why you think as engineering student has extra intellectual qualities they are also like as we are . The most important thing everyone cannot be a “Phunsukh Wangdu” he is only one in a no of students.