4. Chanting mantra

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This is where a mantra or sequence of mantras are repeated (silently) to get the mind to become calm and centered. Find a mantra that you connect with, and repeat it over and over in your head.

5. Focusing

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When we are focusing on something like the third eye in between the eyebrows, we bring awareness to a very powerful center. This focusing brings stillness to our whole being.

6. Using mala beads

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Using mala beads brings an extra layer of activity for the very busy mind. As you are doing your chanting or gazing, you touch or count the mala beads helps to keep the mind super-focused on the task at hand and keep track of your affirmations.

7. Using an image

Start These Meditations Techniques Before Yoga-7

When using an image to stare at, we are evoking the power and strength of what that image represents, while you focus it on it as you meditate. If you use the image of a guru, religious figure, or master, whatever energy they have will be with you. This practice is good for people who already have a spiritual practice and follow a certain path.

One thing you need to first understand before you get started: Methods vary because people vary in their attitudes, character, and nature.

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