Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Digital India on July 1, 2015, an initiative was started with a view to empowering the people of the country digitally. There is another an aim also of initiative i.e., to make a bridge India’s digital segment and bring big investments in the technology sector.

At 9.01 am today, the PIB(Press Information Bureau)–the publicity and public relations arm of the government–put out a denial on the matter. “There were certain news reports that there is a move to appoint a brand ambassador for ‘Digital India’ program of the government. This is to clarify that there has been no such move to appoint a brand ambassador as reported,” the terse press release issued by the Communication and Information Technology ministry said.

When contacted by the government officials said that there was some “technical problem” with the release that had been put out in the morning and that’s why it had been withdrawn and that a new clarification would soon be made.
At 6 pm today, the PIB came out with a fresh clarification. “Recently, in the last few days reports have indicated that a Digital India Brand Ambassador has been appointed. As part of the Digital India week (July 1-7, 2015) following four Brand Ambassadors were nominated for a period of one year to propagate the product and applications being launched by the department under Digital India Programme,” the PIB release stated.

The four brand ambassadors according to a release by the Department of Telecom are Satvat Jagwani, Krati Tiwari, Ankit Fadia and Pranav Mistry.

1.Satvat Jagwani:

Satvat Jagwani is the All India IIT-JEE Advanced Topper of the year 2015. Satvak scored 469 marks out of 504 and secured the first position and he comes from Satna(M.P.).


According to a The Hindustan Times report, Satvak took coaching from Kota’s Bansal Classes and attributed his success to his parents who are doctors by profession.

As per the report, Satvak was a student of Nalanda Public Senior Secondary School and physics and mathematics are his favorite subjects.

2. Krati Tiwari:

Krati Tiwari is Advanced Girl Topper of All India IIT-JEE 2015. Krati come forth as the topper among 3,049 girls who cracked the exam and Krati come frm Indore(M.P.).


Dainik Bhaskar reported Krati saying that she felt like quitting because of her hectic schedule but stuck on to her IIT dream and worked hard to achieve it.

According to a IBN Live report, Krati used to travel 35 km to Indore daily from Mhow. She successfully cleared the test in her first attempt securing the 47th rank.

3. Ankit Fadia:

Popular as the ‘Ethical Hacker’, Ankit Fadia was also named as one of the brand ambassadors of Digital India by the government.

Ankit Fadia conducts lectures on Ethical Hacking as well as he takes lecture almost all major universities and colleges. He marked an MTV show which is “What The Hack” and also has a youtube show where he shares tips & tricks related to the technology, known as “Geek On The Loose”. Ankit has authored 16 books.


While Fadia, speaking to dna, about his three-fold roles and responsibilities for Digital India.

“Firstly, to promote the components of the initiative on social media and on personal media. Secondly, to participate in any Digital India event when I am asked to,” he said, adding.

“Thirdly, sometimes provide with inputs on digital projects when asked to.”

His Wikipedia profile read: “Ankit Fadia (born 24 May 1985) is an Indian charlatan, author, speaker and self-proclaimed ethical hacker. His work mostly involves OS based tips and tricks, Proxy websites, and lifestyle.”

His claims have been questioned, his website hacked numerous times and he was awarded the “Security Charlatan of the Year” award at DEF CON 20 — one of the world’s oldest hacker conventions.

“When the Prime Minister announced the Digital India program in Delhi, I was invited to that and I received a certificate as one of the brand ambassadors of the program,” Fadia told PTI on Monday.

4. Pranav Mistry:

Pranav Mistry is the Global Vice President of Research At Samsung and also has worked with Microsoft, Google, CMU, NASA, UNESCO, Japan Science & Technology before joining Samsung. He is also a computer scientist & author of Sixth Sense. By World Economic Forum he was honored as one of the Young Global Leader for the year 2013.


He is also known for his work on Samsung Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond.

His inventions are many such as Mouseless, which is an invisible computer mouse.

Quickies which are intelligent sticky notes that can be searched and located and can be used to send reminders and messages.

He has also invented a pen that can draw in 3D.

In 2009, he was congratulated by Popular Science for his book SixthSense with the Invention Award.