Facebook Supports Digital India To Fulfill Its Motive To Promote Internet.org

Our honourable prime minister Narendra Modi and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a meeting at facebook’s headquarter about this project. Both the persons finally reach to conclusion and just a few hours after this meeting, to support the project of Digital India Facebook has launched a tool which allows you to change your facebook profile picture to a tricolor shaded Indian flag which will show your support to digital India project.



Firstly know what is a digital India project -It’s a government programme started by the Indian government to make India a Digital empowered country as such to provide free internet to every Indian who is not capable of paying ISP(internet service provider) internet charges.



Internet.org is a non-profit organisation website founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 20 Aug 2013. It’s a partnership between social networking services company such as Facebook and six companies (Samsung , Ericsson, Media Tek, Opera Software, Nokia, and Qualcomm). All these companies have aimed to provide affordable and efficient internet services in developing countries but along with these advantages, user is only allowed to access selected internet services.

It has been criticized for Violating the rule of “Net Neutrality” -also known as net equality which states that user is free to access any data on the internet as such all content, sites and platform are treated equally. ISP and government should treat all data on the internet same not doing discrimination in any way. User is not restricted to access only a few selected services.

Actually, Internet.org is a tool of facebook company to favour its own services over its rivals. Until April 2015 Internet.org could access free to only a few websites but May 2015 rules says that platform will be open to websites which fulfill its criteria.


I am proud to be an Indian as India is leading towards such a great project campaign but anyhow I am not going to support Internet.org. Facebook is getting a return gift for supporting this as its fulfilling its motive of internet.org promotion.

Even Mark has also changed its profile picture to support Digital India project but does you know the secret behind this.

We all know India covers a great market of facebook in both terms whether it is in term of a number of users or in terms of revenue. So facebook target is just to aim Indian users mainly by using their patriotic feeling to indirectly promote Internet.org project.

Behind the Indian project, Mark is silently promoting its agenda and killing the internet freedom in the country.

Go to internet.org website


When you go to the website You will see free internet services can only be availed by Reliance users. Means, Indirectly Reliance is also getting its benefits as for free internet services people will surely purchase Reliance network.

It will provide free access to facebook only and few websites so that user only stick to that websites and after that, they will not compare services from any other websites.

Now with Internet.org ISP will decide what we are going to see on the internet.

page code

Do you know when you will see the coding you will realize that changing of every profile picture to this tricolor shades is promoting Internet.org and giving a vote in favour of this? So if you doubt thinking you are supporting Digital India but actually supporting Facebook Internet.org.


1.It will kill the growth of small business.

2.websites who will pay are only benefited.

3.just to secure facebook in future so that none of their rivals survives and no competitors will stand up.

4.Your internet remote in a hand of facebook.

I have a doubt to get free internet Firstly provide free devices to access the internet.

Poor people who are not able to purchase an internet supportable device how will they get a free internet .

So a humble request to all users who are simultaneously changing their profile pictures in behalf of facebook appeal “Think wisely then take your decision” that in favour of whom you are taking this step. So don’t spoil “Net Neutrality”.