13 Reasons Why is one of the most well known Netflix’s book variations, the show was constantly encircled by debates. From self-destructive to kill plots, its fans saw all the things that could occur, in actuality.

Nonetheless, the show arrived at those stages which could shock anybody sooner rather than later. So here are some fan hypotheses which may energize you.


First We Know, that Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) assumed a crucial part in the story development. She was the storyteller for two successive seasons and in the third season, her job at long last reached a conclusion.

In any case, presently we have our eyes on the following storyteller and that could be either Bryce walker itself or at long last the person who the crowd consistently favors-Clay Jensen.

Indeed, Clay Jensen Might be the following storyteller for the finale season as the story could be finished with his voiceover.

Bryce Walker Murder Mystery:

In the Third Season, Bryce dealt with upon by his organization itself, at long last, the crowd saw that Alex put the last nail in the final resting place. Yet, things are not generally like that possibly another person murdered him and show at last back to his schedules of twins and turns.

It could occur as they as of now outline Monty for his passing, his nearest is currently his killer. Besides, he likewise got executed in his jail cell, so he should know something about the genuine executioner, or it’s simply a hunch to extricate reality from the adolescents. We know its tremendous disarray however this is the thing that we need to manage.

Clay And Company Punishments Circumstances:

Presently Clay Jensen and his companions are in a major dilemma as everyone in his gathering is asserted to something incorrectly.

Clay, Tyler, And Tony:

These two are the brains in sparing others which mess up themselves and they paid for it ordinarily. As at long last, anglers got the weapons with the potential prints of Tyler, Tony, and even Clay.

So for unlawful ownership of weapons, Tyler could confront adolescents for his activities as his tricks almost brought hellfire upon the school.

Alex and Jessica:

It is pretty evident that Alex is as of now under the radar of his dad and he associated him for the homicide with Bryce Walker.

In any case, Ani totally changed the game by putting Monty’s name in no place and his passing totally gave the gathering a favorable position to outline him.

However, the genuine casualty is as yet meandering aimlessly and he could confront an excursion to imprison if Winston interacts with the police.

Jessica’s name is referenced here as she is the sole observer of the wrongdoing and she shrouds it for vengeance.

Justin Foley:

He is a pained child, from opiates to weapon ownership, he had everything. After his appropriation, he attempted to be pleasant however his shenanigans continued as before.

He is the most warmed among all as he previously investigated by police on numerous events. Tragically, he is still on the radar of the police until the instance of Bryce’s demise shut totally.