The apocalyptic zombie world is to return on Netflix soon now!

It is the first zombie thriller series by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. The sequel to this is also predicted to be called Dark Summer like The Haunting of Hill House 2 is being called The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Here are all the details you need to catch about the second season of Black Summer.

When is Black Summer Season 2 going to be released?

Black Summer’ Season 2: Production Delayed Due to Coronavirus …

The production of Black Summer Season 2 has started in Canada. However, due to the present global pandemic as everything is put to halt the shooting is no longer in progress. Thus the release date is staled too.

Initially, we were expecting the series to come out by 2021. But due to the delay, maybe the chances are that the release date of Black Summer Season 2 can shift to 2022.

Who all comprise of the cast of Black Summer Season 2?

We are anticipating to see a couple of new faces, but no official news has been out regarding that. We actors from the previous season are going to come back so that we might see Jaime King again as Rose, Justin Chu Cary as Spears, and Christine Lee as Kyungsun. Kelsey Flower, who starred as Lance, can also be back.

What is the expected premise of Black Summer Season 2?

By the end of the first season of Black Summer, we find Rose united with her daughter, whom she had been looking and fighting for throughout the show. Thus, the gritty suspense there comes to an end.

The plotline after that has been linked with Zombie Nationbut nothing is confirmed. Few are even focusing on Rose, and her daughter meets another set of people whose lives have been disrupted due to the zombie apocalypse.

As we do not have a trailer yet, the storyline remains uncertain and dark.