Prison School which is a Japanese series which is based on a concept given by Akira Hiramoto. It is an anime and is based on the manga. Hachimitsu Private Academy is a prestigious institution with the name. All the upper-class girls stay here because it is a boarding school, which is a school for girls.

Furthermore, this academy is known for its strict rules and ethical values ​​that it teaches students. The first season was a great success worldwide. He has many fans, and everyone is looking forward to the launch of the second season.

Release Date of Prison School Season 2:

The release date of the first season is July 11, 2015. The series ended on September 26, 2015. However, there are many rumors about whether the second season is approaching. However, there is no information from the producers about season 2. And hence there is no confirmed release date for the show. Many people like the series around the world. At the same time, the approximately 4,500 units sold by volume do not give much confidence.

The Plot of Prison School Season 2:

The previous season was about Kiyoshi and his friends at the boarding school. And they have a hard time staying at school with all its strict rules. However, after a few days, they are very independent and used to the rules and become famous.

Also, after the change of a new president, there are some changes. It also features male students. There are five boys. Initially, the boy to girl ratio is 1: 200. They have trouble talking to girls, as they are small in number.