After spending several years on hiatus, HBO’s True Detective returned for season 3. As primarily an anthology series allows True Detective to come and go as its creators – and, more importantly, Nic Pizzolatto, its originator and primary creator. And it was not shocking that it took almost three years to release True Detective Season 3 after being first confirmed back in 2016.

Starring Mahershala Ali as Detective Wayne Hays and Stephen Dorff as Detective / Lieutenant Roland West, True Detective Season 3 focused on Will Purcell’s murder and Julie Purcell’s demise. It was evident during the season that True Detective Season three lived in the same universe as season 1, and the stories told were also interrelated throughout both seasons.

True Detective Season 4 Renewal Status:

HBO has still not ordered True Detective season 4, but it will not happen. About the first season of True Detective Season 1, HBO signed a two-year deal with Pizzolatto in January 2014 to ensure another season of the acclaimed crime drama.

Just a few months later, rumors of True Detective Season 2 started to crack, and it began to be published later that year. However, the rush to create True Detective season 2 led to a dishonest season. This is why the 3rd season of True Detective took time to create.

True Detective Season 4 Release Date:

Since True Detective is not renewed, there is currently no release date for True Detective Season 4. Publics do not expect the completion of season 4 of True Detective by early 2021.
HBO wouldn’t want to jump the gun with True Detective season 4 despite how strong True Detective Season 3 was. The most important thing about continuing this show is to allow Pizzolatto a chance to make a new story worth being told.

True Detective Season 4 Cast Details:

  • The cast of season 4 will include:
  • Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rust Cohle
  • Colin Farrell as Detective Ray Velcoro
  • Mahershala Ali as Wayne Hays
  • Woody Harrelson as Detective Marty Hart
  • Rachel McAdams as Detective Ani Bezzerides

True Detective Season 4 Plot Details:
If this occurs, Season 4 of the True Detective will possibly be another anthological tale that takes place over many times. It’s bread and butter of Pizzolatto, and so far, it has worked pretty well. Yet the return of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson is something fans expected to see since 2014.

True Detective season 4 may be a sequel to season 1, but it’s unlikely. Instead, viewers can see True Detective Season 4 begin to deepen the history of the kidnapping ring. But we’re just going to have to wait to see what happens.