MTV Roadies Rising is one of the most popular reality shows of Indian Television Industry. This season is the deadliest season ever of MTV Roadies.The show has got its winner of this season and the results will give you shock because nobody can expect that this contestant becomes the winner of MTV Roadies Rising(X5).

As you can see that the show is on the air and the season goes trending in the whole country as well as gained huge popularity. The winner of MTV Roadies X5 is announced and you can check out here all of the details of the winner of this show.

Winner of MTV roadies rising 2017

The show has completed its 13th Season successfully. Now, this is the 14th Season of this show which is also completed successfully. So, don’t get upset, now we have the winner of this season. Even you can see here all of the details regarding the winner that is discussed below.

Winner of MTV roadies rising 2017

The show is broadcast on MTV Channel as well as held in different places of India. There are five members in the team of 4 gang leaders. Only 20 contestants are selected from all over India on the basis of their passion, strength & their honesty.

Initially, there were six members in the team of 4 gang leaders but the 20 contestants were selected from 24 contestants. The selection was totally based on their passion, honesty and their strength. And then their journey started in Roadies.

After a lot of tasks and challenges, there will be one single participant who became the winner of season 2017 which is interesting to see.

Roadies Gang Leaders & Members:

Winner of MTV roadies rising 2017

In this 14th season, these participants are selected by the gang leaders. In which only the single one contestant become the winner of Roadies X5 as well as receives the tag of MTV Roadies Rising Winner and lifting up the trophy of Roadies X5.

Neha Dhupia Ranvijay Singh Nikhil Chinapa Prince Narula
Mandeep Singh Samr Prabjot Meenal
Gurpreet Kaur Shiv Thakre A.M Chiranjivi Divya
Shweta Mehta Aggy Carvalho Rahul Milan Verma
Shane Veerpal Priyank Baseer Ali
Rakhi Samyukta Hegde Pantham Khushnuma Varun

The Winning Gang Of MTV Roadies Rising:

Winner of MTV roadies rising 2017

Just like the previous season, this time also there were 4 gang leaders who are also the gang leaders Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula, Nikhil Chinapa, Ranvijay Singha. This time Nikhil comes in the place of Karan Kundra and there was also a grand judge, Harbhajan Singh who came to make the show more interesting.

In the beginning of the journey of this season, there were 5 participants in each gang but as we all know that there is the only one winner of this show. And this time the teams were really very strong that’s why the competition was very tough between contestants as well as for their gang leaders.

This was a huge question for every Indian youth that who will be the winner of MTV Roadie Rising 2017? Until the results were not declared. But now the results are declared.

So, let’s see who win this season for that you have to check out the given information –

Top 6 Semi-Finalist Of Roadies Rising[X5]:

It is India’s one of the biggest show and the journey of this show reached near about its grand finale because the show has got its top 6 semi-finalists, who are fighting for making their place in the finale.

Trust me, now the journey gonna be more exciting as well as full with the power packed tasks. Let see, who become the winner of MTV Roadies Rising. Here you can see the list of top 5 semi-finalists.

S.No. Contestant Name Gang’s Name Image
1. Shiv Thakre Ranvijay’s Gang MTV Roadies Rising Winner
2. Shweta Mehta Neha’s Gang MTV Roadies Rising Winner
3. Mandeep Singh Neha’s Gang MTV Roadies Rising Winner
4. Meenal Prince’s Gang MTV Roadies Rising Winner
5. Baseer Ali Prince’s Gang MTV Roadies Rising Winner
6. Priyank Sharma Nikhil’s Gang MTV Roadies Rising Winner

You can see here, 15th July 2017 Episode 25 Promo Video of Roadies X5 Rising is just given below. Check out now.

MTV Roadies Rising Winner Name:

Winner of MTV roadies rising 2017

After the most exciting as well as an adventerous journey, at last the show is ready to announced its winner of this season. The grand finale episode aired on Saturday night at 7 PM.

The final task was a kickass in which the finalists gave their 200% to win the trophy of MTV Roadies Rising. So, without wasting your time, let me give you the fully overview of the finale episode.

The episode was started with a mud task in which boys had performed this mud task. The first battle between the Priyank from Nikhil’s gang & Shiv from Ranvijay’s gang but unfornately, no one could break the lock.

Then the next battle between the Baseer from Prince’s gang & Mandeep from Neha’s gang. The fight turns into nail biting task and Mandeep almost won that task but luckily Baseer opened the lock.

MTV Roadies Rising Winner

And the last battle between the girl’s in which Shweta from Neha’s gang & Meenal from Prince’s gang were fight against to each other. At last Shweta won that task.

Now the turn is about the finale task in which Baseer & Shweta performed their task very well but Shweta did her task in a very few time comparatively Baseer. That’s why Shweta won the MTV Roadies Rising title as well as became the ultimate warrior of this season.

Shweta Mehta is the winner of this 14th season who is the contestant of Neha’s gang. Shweta Mehta is a gym trainer. She was also come in the previous season of MTV Roadies but that time she was rejected. After that she had done a lot of hard work to prove herself and then she came in this season with full confidence.

In the auditions, she not only proves herself but also impressed all of the judges by her strength. And she decided to join the Neha’s gang to encourage the women empowerment. This is the good news for her fans that she won the title of MTV Roadies Rising.

MTV Roadies Rising 2017 Prize Money:

On over large scale youths follow this show and try hard to come in this show for becoming a roadie. Because the winner not only gains so much name and fame but also win the another prize – “Renault Duster and Cash Prize.”

Renault Duster – In this season Shweta won the title of MTV Roadies Rising Winner and collects the top model diesel Renault Duster car. This latest model of Renault Duster is seven seater car having good mileage.

Winner of MTV roadies rising 2017

Cash Prize – Shweta not only receives the latest model of Renault Duster car but also collects the cash prize of 5 Lakh from the show makers.

Now the Roadies Rising winner Shweta, steal the everybody’s attentions through her bold and beautiful pictures that she shared on her Instagram account. Have a look of recent pics that make your jaw drops.

For more details regarding the show you can see on our next where you got the listing of all previous season winner’s name, host’s name as well as judge’s name also you can check out our next page.