Are you fed off from your pit stains? Let assume you went for a party and you get pit stains in your underarms then it’s very embarrassing for you to keep your arms moving.

So, what you will do? You will simply keep your arms down so that no one will notice it. But please be practical you can’t do these things every time. Here are some tips that prevent you from pit stains and you never look sweaty.

1. She Is Always Ready And Prepare

5 Tips You Should Try To Never Look Sweaty1

They always keep napkins, blotting papers with them so that whenever they feel sweaty they can use that. When their face looks oily and shiny, they can wipe it with napkins.

2. She Doesn’t Apply More Makeup

5 Tips You Should Try To Never Look Sweaty2

If a woman sweats a lot and if she had done over makeup then after sweating it ended with sad clown. So, it’s better to apply light and minimal makeup. Opt for the light foundation, tinted moisturizer and waterproof mascara.

3. She Chooses Her Outfits Wisely

5 Tips You Should Try To Never Look Sweaty3

If you choose light clothes and cotton clothes then it will sweat less. In terms of color go for light colors because it absorbs fewer sun rays as compared to dark color clothes.

4. She Gets A Jump On Chafing

5 Tips You Should Try To Never Look Sweaty4

Chafing, while it’s not publically visible but still it irritates a lot. So they use something to prevent chafing.

5. She Knows About Deodorant

5 Tips You Should Try To Never Look Sweaty5

She knows what’s the good time to apply deodorant. If you apply it before going to bed then it’s very effective. When the skin is dry it gets into the pores which prevent sweating.