Only 2% population of the world has green eyes. Pretty Green Eyes are full of wonder and desire. People with green eyes are very honest and trustworthy by nature.

The people who have green eyes are very intelligent and lucky. The green-eyed women are very sexy, hot, and beautiful. They are very passionate about their relationships. Eye-shadows are a very necessary beauty item for women. Eyeshadow is a very popular and famous beauty product in the beauty industry and girl’s also like to play with eyeshadows color for any occasion or anytime. Here are some eyeshadows which are described below for green eyes:

Best Shades Of Eye-Shadows For Green Eyes-1


Green eyes look phenomenal when paired with a beautiful, shimmery gold eyeshadow. It looks attractive and incredible!



If you’ve got green eyes then charcoal is the best choice for high drama. If you’re going with a smokey eye, charcoal is a staple.



Beige is one of the earthy shades which suits amazingly with green eyes. It is a great base color for green eyes. It enhances and compliments the green-eyed beauties. It is must use in daytime and if you want to use in evening time then you can use it in a dramatic way.

Best Shades Of Eye-Shadows For Green Eyes-4


Using a hunter green shade you’re looking in moody green which is a unique eyeshadow color that will make your personality really stand out.

Best Shades Of Eye-Shadows For Green Eyes-5


Plum highlights the green in your eyes and makes them large appear and more vibrant. Beautiful Plum is a great set of green eyes, as the contrast of two colors. If you want to use this shade lightly then you can use it for a day look that looks polished and professional, or more heavily, for a gorgeous nighttime smokey eye look.

Best Shades Of Eye-Shadows For Green Eyes-6


Chocolate brown is particularly great as an accent in the crease to give eyes more depth. Chocolate brown is one of those amazing colors that just seem to compliment any eye color, but it’s particularly effective for green eyes.

Best Shades Of Eye-Shadows For Green Eyes