Nail paints are one of the most common beauty product and there are many beautiful colors which can bring out and emphasize your beauty. But the Black Beauties or Dark-Skinned Beauties might have problems in this situation.

Most of the time there is an issue is always generated for black beauties which are that you do not want the nail color to look brassy or your skin look darker this keeps you intimidating at the time of choosing perfect shade of nail paint.

There are few basic rules that keep in your mind. You always play with dark shades which would look best on you, just like: Think maroons, Dark green, Medium brown, and Red as well as Gold would also look good and suits mostly.

One thing always remembers that try to avoid light or bright shades; like Orange, White, and Silver color. You can do one thing like a small test just hold a bottle of polish against your skin and estimate whether it works or not.

Here are some Nail colors just check out for dark skin which is given below to give you a hint about what you should select or choose according to your skin color.

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1. Dark Maroon With Shimmers:

The dark maroon color with shimmers of color(like purple) is perhaps should be the best choice. The shimmer adds the glam to the true maroon nail color. For maintaining splendor and shine in your nail color, it is advised that apply two coat of this nail color. This looks much better and suits to any dress for attending any occasion.