Trending Nail Colors: Nail paints, like other cosmetics, trend with the season and bring out our stylish best. Summers always see more vibrant shades, with bright and pastel hues topping the charts.

Come the much-loved winters, deep, festive colors surface and, not to forget, the fancy metallic and jewel-toned nail polishes that add just the right amount of sparkle to assert the celebrations that the season brings. If you want to add the right amount of spunk to your nails this winter, this is the route you need to take. Presenting 10 ravishing nail colors you have to try this season.

When it comes to winter fashion and beauty palettes, the colors often veer darker and moodier, and fittingly enough, they tend to be the coolest (in terms of tones) colors we wear all year. While some shades—like burgundy, navy, emerald, and silver—are classic go-tos for the colder months of the year, it’s important to remember that there are always ways to switch things up.

After all, according to celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards, that’s the science of anchor colors. “The top trending winter nail colors are anchor core colors, just brighter, deeper, or lighter,” she says. “It’s their twist on the expected winter hues that make them unique.”

With that in mind, keep reading to discover the top trending nail colors for winter, according to Edwards and fellow celebrity manicurist, Betina Goldstein.

Top 20 Trending Nail Colors For This Winter:

1. Light Gold:

Looks like Midas just touched that boring bottle of nail paint! Gold is trending this winter. Light, bright gold with a tinge of shimmer is hot this season. Totally glamorous, yet subtle enough to be worn every day. Now that’s a great deal, isn’t it?

2. Oxblood:

Oxblood is dominating the fashion world this season. The best way to add it to your scheme of things is nail paint. It is cool, chic, trendy, yet super elegant. Add some drama to your life with this vamp-like shade. And, who says you can’t carry it off during the day?

3. Ruby:

If oxblood seems too dramatic, you could take the red route. It is classic and an all-time favorite as well. This winter, the ruby shade adds to the regal theme and the festive spirit of Christmas and New Year.

4. Gunmetal Grey:

You can try as much as you like, but winters can never escape the greys. And when grey comes in this amazing gunmetal shade, you are not going to want to say no. It is cool and edgy, yet extremely graceful. You can carry it off all through the season, whether you are at work or a party.

5. Plum:

Plum is another trending color this season. It fits in perfectly with the regal theme. No matter whether you use it in deep and opaque tones, or in a metallic texture, it is sure to add the right amount of glam factor you need.

6. Green:

Green is amazing. Not your first choice of nail paint but it is really cool this season. Matte, metallic, glitter, or mix it all up – whichever way you use it, it is sure to bring out the best in your nails this winter. Gold and green – pure decadence!

7. Vermilion:

Orange was trending in summer, and to take the rage forward, it is going to linger around through winter in a red-orange shade. Vermilion is a perfect choice if you love bright, popping colors. There is always something for everyone, and this is a great choice if deep and dark is not your thing.

8. Midnight Blue:

Go mysterious, go rich. With this amazing shade of midnight blue, you are sure to rock the winters. It is also a great alternative to the rather dated basic black color.

9. Taupe:

And then, for those who love their nudes and neutrals, there is something for you as well. Taupe is making the rounds and guess what, it is as hot as hot can get. It is the perfect balance between dark and light, and you are surely going to love it.

10. Muted Mauve:

Not quite pink, but not quite berry, mauve is the perfect in-between shade, according to Edwards. Her favorite? Deborah Lippmann’s Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish in the shade Sweet Emotion.

11. Silvery Chrome:

Forget about classic, shimmery silver. Goldstein says that high-shine chrome is the way to go for winter 2021. The bright hue is bolder than your typical silver, giving it an unexpected allure.

12. Moody Blue:

When blue is so light and moody that it almost looks gray, Edwards says that’s when you know you have a hue worthy of wearing this winter. After all, she predicts that blue-meets-gray shades will be a major request this winter. While Dior’s Dior Vernis in the shade Junon is her go-to, if you prefer a bit more pizazz, you can embrace the shade while also achieving the season’s velvet nail trend by using Live Love Polish’s Metallic Nail Polish ($15) in Frozen Mist.

13. Mocha:

Goldstein says that rich, warm mocha hues will be major this winter, as well. While the season is known for its low temperatures, a warm mocha tint will help create a hot look worthy of the season.

14. Cobalt Blue:

Is another blue hue worthy of winter 2021? Goldstein says you simply can’t go wrong with cobalt blue. Sundays Studio makes a gorgeous version called Electric Blue. Paint it on and get ready to usher in all the compliments. And, if you prefer manicures covered in nail art, know that this shade looks especially stunning with evil eye details on top.

15. Deep English Green:

Goldstein says rich, dark green hues are always welcome in winter. Deep English green adds a slightly retro allure to the pine-tinted color. We don’t know about you, but we’re getting old green leather-meets-green glass lamp vibes—in other words, a scholarly feel that may very well become a staple in TikTok’s land of Dark Academia.

16. Classic Cherry Red:

You might think of cherry red around Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, but according to Edwards, it’s the unexpected nature of the classic shade that makes it so worthwhile in winter, too. One of our favorites takes on the hue? Smith & Cult’s Kundalini Hustle. The shade is a cult favorite—and for good reason! It touts an 8-free formula that’s good for your nails and bound to last for days on end.

17. Mustard Yellow:

Another color reappearing from years past? Mustard yellow. Goldstein believes the ‘70s-inspired hue will be a go-to in 2021. Glam & Grace’s version of the hue is a particular favorite thanks to its vegan, 10-free formula.

18. Hot Pink:

Hot pink is another hue that you might believe is best suited for summer, but according to Goldstein, the bright fuchsia shade is a must for winter 2021. And, it makes sense considering the color has been popping up in retailers near and far. From Anthropologie and Rothy’s to Free People and H&M, you can expect to find plenty of garments and accessories to match your new favorite mani.

19. Sandstone Orange:

Taking a break from winter’s typical ultra-dark, semi-brown shades, Goldstein says that sandstone orange, which is similar to terracotta, will dominate winter 2021 nail trends. And, it’s making us realize that maybe, just maybe, this winter more than ever, we’re wishing for warmer, brighter days ahead.

20. Aber-green:

If a daring, dark hue is your go-to, we suggest making a glimmering statement in green this season with an elegant earthy shade.

If your skin tone falls between tan to dark, you should embrace colors like hot pink, electric blue, neon yellow, gold, and basically anything you like besides woody nudes.

Ladies, life is too short to have naked nails! Go out there and experiment with colors because doing your nails on a Friday night with some wine and music is extremely therapeutic.

Your hands never take a day off, so there’s really no harm in taking care of them and making sure they look pretty. That was our guide for the best nail polish colors for every skin tone. What is your go-to nail polish color? Share with us in the comments section below.