There are many people face the problem of belly fat which is the toughest kind of fat to lose the weight. And you know what people try every diet craze that which comes in the market and also they tried many exercise and workouts. But still, the results were constant.

But there is a warning for such type of people who have heart disease, high blood pressure, hip, back or joint pain, or if you have recently had abdominal, lung, brain or spine surgery. And many of them are not good for 2nd and 3rd-trimester pregnancies. If you have any of these conditions, consult with your doctor then adopt this program of exercise otherwise don’t do this. But healthy people means who are suffered from above all these problems they can do this without any tension. So here are 6 Yoga poses that will help you to reduce your belly fat which is as follows:

1. Mill Churning Pose

6 Amazing Yoga Poses Which Helps To Your Belly Fat-1(a)

6 Amazing Yoga Poses Which Helps To Your Belly Fat-1(b)

This pose just like as a churning work activity in India and in this pose only your upper body will be moving. The mill churning pose is beneficial for back and thigh muscles. And internally it assists feminine uterine muscles, menstrual regulation and it enhances digestive health.

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Explanation Of Steps:
  • Sit on your mat.
  • Be certain that your fingers are clasped.
  • Rotate your arms in a circular motion, starting clockwise
  • Breathe out as you move forward and to the right; breath in as you move backward and to the left
  • Do not raise your legs or feet – all of the motion is only in your upper body.
  • After 10 clockwise rotations, do another 10 in a counter-clockwise motion.
  • You will really feel the pull on your stomach as you do these rotations.
    Take a look of this pose how you can do this:


    2. Bow Pose

    6 Amazing Yoga Poses Which Helps To Your Belly Fat-2

    This pose will strengthen and tones your thighs, groin, back and chest muscles. Also, it works to improve intestinal problems and liver function. And just after your 8-10 bow poses, you will feel that your stress has disappeared, this will be amazing isn’t it.

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    Explanation Of Steps:
  • Lie flat on your stomach.
  • Bend your knees, bring your feet up toward your buttocks (exhale during this movement)
  • Grab your feet with your hands
  • Inhale as you lift up your head and chest, pulling on your feet so that your thighs come up off the mat.
  • Hold this raised position for 20 seconds.
  • Instead of holding it, try rocking back and forth on your abdomen
  • Exhale as you return to your original position, and rest.
  • For maximum benefit, do this 8-10 times
  • You will feel amazed and strong pull on your stomach which will loosen your fat cells as well.
    Take a look of this pose how you can do this:

    3. Boat Pose

    6 Amazing Yoga Poses Which Helps To Your Belly Fat-3

    This pose improves the function of several organs like thyroid, lungs, liver, pancreas and it also improves circulation and helps to lower blood sugar levels. That’s why this is one of the very best poses for reducing the belly fat.

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    Explanation Of Steps:
    1. Sit on the mat with your knees bent and your feet flat on the mat.
    2. Place your hand’s palms down on the side of your hips.
    3. Inhale, press on your palms and pull yourself back slowly, keeping your hips on the mat.
    4. Lift your feet off the mat and straighten out your legs.
    5. Extend your arms out in front of you on either side of your leg.
    6. Try to bring your legs up as high as possible, putting your body in a “V” position.
    7. Hold this position as long as possible, taking deep breaths as you do.
    8. Exhale as you bend your knees and bring your feet back onto the mat.
    9. Hug your knees and lower your head to the top of your knees. Breathe deeply.

    Take a look of this pose how you can do this:

    4. Cobra Pose

    6 Amazing Yoga Poses Which Helps To Your Belly Fat-4

    It strengthens your back muscles and increases the flexibility in your spine which will improve blood circulation, relieving fatigue and stress and also it helps to improve breathing and digestion. And during this pose, you will really feel your stomach being stretched. This is a good for your body.

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    Explanation Of Steps:
    1. The pose begins by lying flat on our stomach on the mat.
    2. Put your hands, palms down, under your shoulders.
    3. Keep your legs stretched out and span out your toes if you are able, placing all of those toes on the mat.
    4. As you inhale, gradually push your chest and shoulders off the mat, keeping your elbows close to your body.
    5. Stretch up as high as you are able and hold the pose for 15-30 seconds.
    6. Exhale and slowly return to the flat prone position.
    7. Try to repeat this at least 5 times with a 10-15 second rest in between.
    8. As you get better, you will be able to stretch higher and higher and the higher you go the more you are pulling on those stomach muscles and this will reduce your belly fat.

    Take a look of this pose how you can do this:

    5. Wind Relieving Pose

    6 Amazing Yoga Poses Which Helps To Your Belly Fat-5

    As the name, it has this pose works in the relieving of gas that may be trapped in your intestine. It is a great method of working those stomach muscles and breaking up and reducing that fat. As well as it helps to strengthen your hips and thighs and reduces the level of acid in the stomach and provides relief for constipation and also it can help relieve lower back pain.

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    Explanation Of Steps
    1. Lie flat on your back on you mat.
    2. This one is easy and exhale.
    3. Slowly bend your right knee up toward your chest beginning to inhale.
    4. As your knee comes up grasp it with both hands and pull your head and chest up toward your knee and hold it. Let your leg slowly return to the mat as you exhale.
    5. Repeat the same procedure with your left knee.
    6. Then repeat the exercise with both knees together.
    7. You have finished one round. Try to do 3-4 rounds at a time.

    Take a look of this pose how you can do this:

    6. Standing Forward Bend

    6 Amazing Yoga Poses Which Helps To Your Belly Fat-6

    This will look may tough and hurting pose but when you have achieved this then you feel amazed and you will also surprised to see this how much more you can stretch when you do this. And you will feel that you also losing your fat. Doing this pose all of the muscles on the back of your body are stretched and obviously, you have increased the blood supply to your brain. This will really help fatigue and insomnia.

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    Explanation Of Steps
    1. You want to stand straight with your arms at your side.
    2. Raise your arms up straight above your head. Inhale deeply as you do this.
    3. When you inhale is complete, you are ready to exhale as you bend from the hip.
    4. Keep your back straight as you bend. Slowly bend down as far as you are able to go.
    5. If you are able, place your palms on the floor. If not, don’t worry. Eventually, you will.
    6. If you can put your palms on the floor, try to turn your hands over and place your fingers under your toes.
    7. Until you reach the point of being able to get those hands all the way down, just grab the backs of your legs with your hands, hopefully as far down as the ankles.
    8. Now you are ready to tuck your head in as close to your legs as possible.
    9. Hold the pose as long as you can – maybe a minute at first – and breathe deeply.
    10. To return to your standing position, you want to remember one word – slowly. Try to think of “rolling” up rather than jerking quickly.
    11. The slow return to a standing position is what is going to pull on that stomach, and that’s what you want.
    12. Try to do 5-10 of these in a session, but give yourself a break between each one.

    Take a look of this pose how you can do this: