A migraine is more than “just a headache”, it is a recurrent throbbing headache that affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision.

In the United States, more than 30 million of people are affected by the migraine problem. Among them, the ratio of women is above than men. The symptoms can vary from person to person. The affected person may also get attack frequently. Here are some symptoms of “Migraine”.

1. Aura

How To Cope Up With Migraine And Headache1

Auras are visual like the flickering of lights, spots or lines. The person having migraine start getting headache pain. Auras typically last between 5 min to an hour. Aura may occur before and after a migraine.

2. Mood Swings

How To Cope Up With Migraine And Headache2

Changes in mood can be the sign of migraines. If you are feeling very depressed suddenly for no reason then that may be the symptoms.

3. Lack of restful sleep

How To Cope Up With Migraine And Headache3

If you are facing any trouble in sleeping and whenever you wake up you feel tired then this can be the sign of a migraine. When migraines strike it’s hard to get good sleep.

4. Stuffy nose and watery eyes

How To Cope Up With Migraine And Headache4

If you have sinus symptoms like stuffy nose, clear nasal drainage, watery eyes then it is the symptoms of a migraine. According to a study person who complained about a sinus headache, nearly 90% of them having migraine problem also.

5. Pain on both side of head

How To Cope Up With Migraine And Headache5

Pulsating pain is a classic sign of a migraine. In a survey on migraine patients around 34% of people experiencing frequently this pulsating pain.

6. Stress on eye

How To Cope Up With Migraine And Headache6

When you are experiencing eye pain or any kind of stress on the eye then it can be the symptoms of a migraine.

Causes Of Migraine

1. It can be due to genetics and environmental factors.
2. Migraines may be caused by changes in the brainstem or by taking the stress.
3. Migraines may also be caused due to imbalances in brain chemicals.
4. Maybe due to hormonal changes in women.
5. Due to the type of food and drinks you are consuming. Even if you are skipping your meals that may also trigger a migraine.

Health Issues Because Of Migraine

1. Frequent low back pains.
2. A stroke happens when the blood stops flowing through your head and Migraine double the risk of stroke.
3. Maybe you will be getting more and frequent headaches.
4. Vision changes.
5. A migraine makes it difficult for you to take good sleep.
6. You might also lose your hearing power.
7. A migraine may double the risk of other types of chronic pain.
8. Your blood pressure may rise.

How To Alleviate The Migraine Pain?

A migraine has no treatment you can only alleviate the pain of it. You can try these simple steps to alleviate your migraine pain.

1. Meditation is a simple and proven way to prevent from migraines.
2. You have to find a calm environment like turn off the lights and relax in the dark room, try temperature therapy, you can also drink a caffeinated beverage.
3. Take a full sleep. If you are not feeling sleepy then read books or do another thing that makes you feel drowsy.
4. Don’t skip meals and eat wisely because your eating habits can influence your migraines. And avoid that food that triggers migraines.
5. Do exercise regularly or any physical activity. Obesity may also increase the risk of chronic headaches.
6. Manage stress means you have to handle the problems in your life in an easy way either it is professional or personal. You can’t avoid them but you can keep it under control.