If you are alone then you don’t feel bad and you have time to think only about yourself.

These kinds of people have much potential to make good and better friends.

1. They know the value of true friend

The people who spent time alone have fewer friends and they know the value of friends in someone’s life. Their friends are very precious to him. They will definitely be a good friend of you. They are more trustable.

2. They never waste time

Those people who enjoy alone don’t like to waste time they are very punctual by nature. They save their time for themselves.

3. They are available

Anytime time when you needed them they will be there for you. They don’t have the busy schedule. If you call any normal person then they will definitely try to give excuses not to join you but the people who spent time alone will join if you ask them to do so. It’s nice if you have someone in your life like this.

4. They spend time with you

They have time to spend with you as they don’t like to spend time with a number of people. If the people who are like to being alone and are with you then they really like your company.

5. They don’t expect from you

I am sure you have also some friends who are needy. But if you are with people who wants to be alone they are not needy. They can be your true friends. They don’t bother you to hang out always but whenever you hang out together you enjoy a lot. It’s very good to have a friend like that.

6. They know the value of privacy

They never disclose your feelings and conversation with anyone or to the third person. They enjoy in living with a lot of secrets. They help you a lot in your difficult times. And never makes you feel alone. They will keep your secrets up to themselves.