Your best friend is the only person who truly knows you. They always try to make you laugh when you sad and they always there for you where you feel alone.

Here are given some points about your best friend when you realized your best friend is the one who knows you fully-

1.Listening You Patiently


Most of the time it should happen after a long day when you talk with him and your best friend is continuously listen to you patiently no matter that place was right or not, even they give you invaluable advice related to your life’s problem.

2.They ‘Like’ Everything Whatever You Post On Social Media


If you and your best friend both are online then whatever you post they like everything for feels you as more popular. They also updated your post to your ex – it seems so caring, How Sweet!

3.They Hate Those People Whom You Also Don’t Like

best friends shares everything

As usual, you are upset most of the time because of your ex and your boss so your best friend also hates them. But they will always try To make you happy and give you support that time.

4.They Stayed For You When Your Heart Broken

best friends

If you are sad due to your break-up then your best friend is there for you no matter what time happen, even they will give support and they sit with you for feels you happy inside you and suggests to move on your life.

5.They Knew Every Time Exactly What You Want To Eat

Do You Know Which Person Truly Knows You In Your Life??

Your best friend knows about your favorite things, foods and which candies you hate and which ones you love. This feels awesome especially when you go out for lunch and they have already ordered delicious food for you without saying you anything.

6.Whenever You Watch Any Show Together

watch a show with your friend

You also definitely love to watch the same show with your best friend, and your perfect evening is that you spend with your best friend.

7.They Are Totally Honest With You

best friend 1

Your best friend is the only person in your life who is loyal and honest with you always and they do not hesitate to tell you that you have food stuck between your teeth, and you will always thankful for that. Even they always cheer when you got victory and appreciate you also feels proud just like as your parents are.