This is a hard time of our lives as coronavirus pandemic is at our doorstep. However, staying positive, maintaining the social distance, and staying anywhere with precautions that have to be taken; will help we all come out of it gracefully.

So in these gloomy days, when each hour seems longer, we all want something to keep us entertained. While TV serials and Netflix have their own charm, there is nothing that can replace the joy of playing online games. Perfect to remain active and entertained for long hours; online gaming seems like a blessing in disguise these days with technology.

If you are also a game enthusiast, here is a list of some highly entertaining online games that will shoot up your active hormones and take you to another world of romping. Check them out!

List of Entertaining Online Games:

  • Wonderputt
  • Classic Rummy
  • Die 2 Nite
  • Tanki Online
  • Hogwarts Mystery
  1. Wonderputt

Well, if you love golf, or want to play it once in your life, give a try to Wonderputt. Some may find it a boring game as dragging the ball to the hole comes with a lot of practice and patience; for some, it’s a skill game that is achievable.

Wonderputt is like a mini-golf course that will bring your imagination of playing golf in real. Here you will encounter mini ski slopes, UFOs, lily pads, and herds of sheep for an extra enthuse.

You will find a puzzle box design in Wonderputt wherein you keep hitting the right target and keep moving forward to the next level. The twists and turns in the Wonderputt game will surely keep you entertained.

  1. Classic Rummy

If your world of games revolves around the 52 cards, Rummy Online is the right pick. The best part of this game is you can play it with multiple players online around the world using rummy app download. Also, once you make the right move and win the game, you earn cash in real.

To start with, you can play at Classic Rummy website has many advantages over other websites that are providing card games online. The foremost is it has a registered RNG number, which means it is authentic and provides you safety and security while playing.

Adding to this, Classic Rummy loads you with many promotions, bonuses, and offers every day while you play tournaments. Give it a try if you want to earn some amount while playing.

  1. Die 2 Nite

For the love of zombies, you must try Die 2 Nite; it is a text-based online game that you can play with multiple players. As you start playing, you will be greeted with the message, ‘Be positive! You are going to die. Every time’ and believe me, you have to take it seriously.

During the daylight, you and other players have to build a defense mechanism that will protect you from the zombies that arrive as soon the time hits 23:00.

It is a highly involving game where you won’t get the time even to blink your eyes. You get invested with the online community so extensively that you forget where you are for hours.

  1. Tanki Online 

If you love tanks, Tanki Online is the game for you to remain entertained throughout. Your aim in the game is going to destroy all the tanks.

Although there are different versions of such tank games, this one is improved and something that will keep your excitement level high.

You get multiple ranges of turret upgrades that will help in killing the enemies, freezing them, or pounding them repeatedly with different types of guns.

It is a fun game that will keep you in your toes for hours. You will thoroughly enjoy it during your free hours.

  1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

For all the Potterheads, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the best thing in the world right now. With this game, you can explore the world harry Potter right from your mobile.

The exciting part of the game is you can create your own character and take a ride in the Hogwarts. From roaming around the streets to playing Quidditch, you can all with this game.

Now that you know some of the most escalating online games of the time, what are you waiting for? Maintain social distance due to COVID-19 and cheer up with these best entertaining online games.

Believe me; this is the best time to explore these games, remain active, use your mind, and at the same time, earn some money.

Be positive, fight Covid-19, maintain social distance, play games, stay safe, and entertained!