Instagram is a powerful social media channel to connect with brands, customers, sponsors, and target audiences. More content creators, celebrities, businesses, and lots more people are creating their Instagram profiles to improve their connection personally through mentions, reels, stories, DM’s, and feeds. It is a dynamic platform for entertainment, audience engagement, and creativity.

By optimizing an impressive profile, creating compelling content, and gaining lots of real views, you can unlock the potential of Instagram to expand your reach in the ever-changing and competitive digital landscape. Since more users are now using Instagram, getting noticed on this network is becoming more challenging. Gaining an increasing number of views is one of the ways to be known on this social media platform.

In this post, you will understand the power of Instagram views and how you can get a significant boost in them.

What are Instagram Views?

Whenever you post any reel, video, or photo, and your followers watch that, it will be considered as a view. If two followers see that post, it will be counted as two views. The views on Instagram are associated with stories, reels, and videos.

Based on the number of views on any specific post, you can determine how many people watched that. This way you can understand the popularity and engagement of your Instagram profile and content. Businesses can monitor their brand or service use at an extended level and improve their marketing strategies based on user engagement.

Importance of Instagram Views

People need evidence of your popularity before they develop trust in you or show any engagement. They find any Instagram video or reel popular when they notice that the post has lots of real views from authentic users on the platform.

More viewers come with more likes, comments, shares, and followers. The views also show the popularity and value of the post on Instagram, other social media channels, and search engine result pages. Also, Instagram shares who view regular in-feed video posts and stories so you will know who is checking your posts and profiles, engaging with your posts, and seeking out new updates you made.

Benefits of Having Many Views

Users and Instagram algorithms measure performance and popularity on the platform based on the number of people who have watched the videos. Here are some reasons why most content creators, influencers, marketers, and brands focus on maximizing their Instagram views on videos and posts.

1. Improve post ranking on news feeds

Algorithms of Instagram reward content creators by ranking their posts on the top of the news feeds of users. This helps content creators in allowing their potential viewers to watch their videos whenever uploaded easily and quickly. If the post has been viewed more than others, you can keep your post at the top for a longer duration than your competitors in the respective niche.

2. Gain more attraction and interaction

As mentioned above, Instagram shows who sees your in-feed video posts and storylines, you will have an idea of who is exploring your account and looking for new posts from you. Based on this analysis, you can better interact with potential viewers. Provide them with VIP privileges and find out what resonates with them. You can share pictures and videos of 3-60 seconds. Every content you upload will generate more interactions and bring the attention of potential followers.

3. Bring the attention of followers

A video with many views can appear in the feeds of people who are not your followers. This improves the possibility of bringing the attention of new followers. The more quality content you create, the more chances you have to bring in more followers to your Instagram account. This means you can have more prospective customers to market to through your content.

4. Boost engagement

As your Instagram posts gain more visibility among a huge audience, it brings more user engagement in the form of more comments, likes, and shares. The more engagement you have, the more people you can reach and witness the increasing popularity.

Tips to Increase Instagram Views

Getting more views on Instagram will not be rocket science if you follow the tips given below –

  • Optimize your Instagram profile using a relevant profile picture, creating a bio with relevant links and appropriate keywords.
  • Businesses should switch their account from an individual account to a business account.
  • Understand Instagram’s algorithm and implement your strategies accordingly ensuring they don’t breach Instagram’s Terms of Services and algorithm.
  • Know your target audience and customize your posts accordingly for the potential audience and particular niche.
  • Instagram reels are highly popular on Instagram so emphasize experimenting with them. There are many ideas for creating a great reel that can end up receiving more views.
  • Keep your viewers engaged by posting more Instagram stories and videos, showing various aspects of your daily life as a person or business.
  • Create and share user-generated content with trending hashtags. Share social proof of how you are serving the local community. Ask a question and participate in the Instagram social community, giveaways, and contests.
  • Develop shoppable content to redirect the audience to your online shopping portal. You can tag specific products with a link redirecting to your online store.
  • Engage in influencer collaborations to enhance overall engagement. Find micro-influencers in your niche and mention the benefits you can offer. Monitor influencer marketing performance using UTM parameters.
  • To save your effort and time, buy real Instagram views from reliable service providers like FBPostLikes providing high-quality views from accounts actively running on Instagram. It will help you get quick results without spending many years.           


Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses, influencers, individuals, celebrities, and everyone who wants to reach a large audience, bring traffic to their website/profiles, and gain increasing popularity. Make sure to use the best Instagram marketing tips and tricks to boost your views and improve your chances of appearing in the feed of your target audience and search results.