Again Facebook Face Serious Problem And Getting Down

For the second time in the Sep 2015 facebook is facing issues and the ultimate site goes down.

For the first time on 24 Sep 2015 site goes down at the time when billions of users are active and got frustrated due to this site down a problem.

As a result, advertising revenue collection got lowered and badly affected.

Million of Facebook users leaves the page of personal info as the site had crashed.

1.23 billion of users claimed that when they are trying to log on their account they got a failure and got an error message on their network.

Now its second time just after 12:51 pm(IST) now site again goes down and all the facebook website visitors greeted with a message reading “Sorry,something went wrong”. We are working on it and we will be fixed as soon as we can.

Mobile users are also getting this error message.