Winching means attaching a rope or line to something to pull it. When people think of winching, they usually think of hauling oversized items off of the ground. But winching is also used in smaller applications such as pulling boats out of rivers, pulling cars onto ramps, and even fishing lures.

What makes Badland winch gears unique? They are designed by engineers who have years of experience manufacturing industrial winches to provide high-quality products at affordable prices. Badland winch gears are manufactured using premium aluminium, stainless steel, chrome-plated brass, and zinc alloy. The winch accessories come with a five-year warranty.

There are various types of winches available in the market today, each offering specific features and benefits. Some are designed for heavy-duty applications, while others are suitable for lightweight use. Before purchasing, it is essential to consider the type of application you require and the amount of weight they will be handling. 

Why should you consider investing in Badland winches? 


Badland winch gears are built to last. They are engineered to withstand extreme conditions and handle even the heaviest loads. They are made from premium grade materials that ensure durability and long life.


Badland winch gear designs are constantly being updated to meet customers’ needs. New models are developed based on feedback from customers.

Customer Service

Badland’s customer service team is second to none. You can contact them via phone, email or online chat 24 /7. All enquiries are answered within one working day.


Badland winch components are readily available throughout Australia. If you need spare parts, you can order them online or visit any Badland dealer.


Badland winch prices are competitively priced. You’ll get more than just a good product when you buy from Badland. You will receive excellent after-sales support and advice.

Perfect for heavy-duty application 

Badland winch is preferred mainly by off-road enthusiasts. It is constructed using a steel cable that can raise even the most challenging load in an efficient and effective manner, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. This model has a braking system that protects the cable when you let go of your burden.

The Badland winch was created with heavy-duty weight handling in mind. It features a high steel frame and a toughened steel drum that can easily lift even the largest weights on the rotor. It’s made for skid loaders, ATVs, and heavy-duty vehicles and may be used on and off the road. This winch uses cutting-edge technology and includes a slew of current functions. 

Mounts Easily Upon Massive Rigs

The Badland winch is explicitly built for huge rigs. It is constructed from the highest-quality materials, ensuring a sturdy and long-lasting product.

The all-metal structure is meant to last and handle even the most demanding chores. High clearance for going up canyons and slopes is ensured by mounting in front of the back axle, and its convenient placement maintains an eye on your winch line from almost anywhere on the vehicle.

It comes with a Water-resistance rating of IP66

The Badland winch is rated IP66 for water resistance. This standard specifies how effectively your product will withstand dust, liquid, impact, and submersion in water.

Remotely Operated

Wireless remote controls are included with the Badland Winch. Because they share a similar remote controller, you can manage it yourself in an emergency or call your friends for assistance even if you are far away from the car.

With this feature, you’ll never be stuck in a desperate circumstance like drowning in sand and mud again.

The Bottom Line 

You must always check the safety of your tools before using them. Be sure to wear proper protective gear. If you operate heavy machinery, especially hydraulics, wear eye protection and ear plugs. Check your equipment for damage before operating it. Before starting an operation, always inspect the winch and its attachment points for damage or defects.

A lengthy and robust cable of the Badland winch will allow you to utilise the vehicle for a broader range of applications, reducing the number of times you have to relocate it. It comes with a 25-foot cable which can be utilised over greater distances, providing you with more manoeuvrability.