Brakes are an extremely important element of your vehicle. Without them, you are unable to stop, causing accidents or even worse. As with many aspects of a vehicle, brakes wear down. Although worn-down brakes are better than nothing, they do not provide adequate stopping function.

Although you could just replace the brake pads, the best thing to do is to give your brakes an upgrade and purchase a new brake kit, which includes the brake pads as well as calipers and rotors. Just as you want high-quality aftermarket headlights and taillights, you want to make sure you get the right brake kit for your needs.

Why are Brakes an Important Upgrade

There are multiple reasons why brakes are an important upgrade. Although you may only think of them when you need to stop, they are one of the most essential parts of the vehicle. Some of the benefits of upgraded brakes are:

  • Safety: The best reason to upgrade your brakes is to keep you and your occupants safe. Upgraded brakes provide better stopping ability than the manufacturer-equipped brakes, which makes a difference in certain situations.
  • Brake life extension: When you upgrade the brake pads, they will typically last longer than traditional ones. This means you can go longer in between expensive vehicle repairs and maintenance visits.
  • Function: Better brakes equals better performance. Whether you haul heavy loads or you like to race cars in your spare time, upgraded brakes will give you the results you want.
  • Aesthetics: Just like you may choose coverking neosupreme seat covers to improve the appearance of your vehicle’s interior, a new set of brakes can also add an aesthetic appeal, especially if you pair them with a snazzy set of new wheels.

How To Choose the Right Brakes for Your Needs

The right brakes depend on your vehicle and what you use it for. If you are looking for brake kits for trucks, and you regularly tow a boat, RV, or other heavy toy, you will need brake rotors that can stand up to the extra weight and will not get hot and eventually fail. Look for rotors made with heavy materials or slots to dispel debris and heat. Semi-metallic pads are also durable and tough.

If you drive a smaller vehicle and do not need your brakes to handle heavy weights, ceramic brake pads are a good choice. They stop just as well as semi-metallic pads, but they are quieter, and they have an increased lifespan.

If you are looking for a new brake kit for your racing car, you will have needs that are different than someone who mainly uses the vehicle for commuting. Steel rotors are a good option, although slotted rotors help keep the heat and debris to a minimum. Semi-metallic brakes are great for stopping from high speeds. If your car is only used on the track, carbon ceramic pads are a good option.

Although everyone can benefit from a brake upgrade, the type of brake kit will vary based on a number of factors. If you are unsure, talk with an auto store associate to determine the best kit for your needs.