Best Job Search Sites: Nowadays to find a good job is not so easy for any job seeker. Job hunting is a process of using multiple resources to getting a decent job. That means you have to post your resume online on many different sites by using social networks.

However, the main problem is finding a good job on job search sites that brings all of the jobs for you. So, to get the best job you have to know about the best job search sites that will help you to continue for a new career. Here we have the list of top 7 best job search sites.

The guide will show you:

Top 7 Best Job Search Sites:

Best Job Search Sites
Best Job Search Sites

Here is the list of top 7 job search sites that has everything you need for a quick and painless pathway to employment. Check out the best job search sites:

1. Indeed Jobs:

Best Job Search Sites

Indeed is one of the best sites for job search. The site has reached the top of the list with over 250 million unique visitors per month. This reason will be enough to make this site popular. It scratches a huge number of jobs from many company career pages.

Just type a job title and then select a location, now you will see tons of available jobs. Only you have to upload your resume and register for applying. Get email alerts when new jobs appear that match your saved job searches.
The site also offers a nice area for your profile where you can save jobs and then review them and then move them to Applied or Interviewing. If you’re just starting your job search, global websites like Indeed are a terrific place to start. No wonder it’s a leading job site.

2. Glassdoor:

Best Job Search Sites

Wait, isn’t Glassdoor just for learning salaries and company reviews? It’s also one of the best job search sites around. Combine the two and you’re in business. This site has a great, slick interface. Save job search results and get notified so you can hunt employment while you sleep.

If you’re looking for job search sites like Monster, that offer career resource tools, then head to Glassdoor. While they may be different than Monster’s tools, they’re certainly helpful. Read company reviews, search interview questions, find jobs by salary, and use the convenient salary calculator.

You’ll need to create a free account to start using Glassdoor, but that’s when that door opens for all of the site’s useful tools. You can set up job alerts, follow specific companies, upload your resume, and save jobs you like to review later. Don’t pass this job search site by, Glassdoor is worth your time.

3. LinkedIn:

Best Job Search Sites

LinkedIn earns its rep as one of the best job search websites with two key functions –

First, it delivers great job listings. Second, it bootstraps your networking outreach. Human resources love it to source qualified candidates. Users can set up a free account, post rich profiles, and connect with key industry power players with one click.

Most people know that LinkedIn is the top when it comes to professional networking. So, why wouldn’t there be a LinkedIn Jobs site? Enter a job title, location, and hit the search button. You’ll see results with filters for date posted, job type, experience level, and more.

If you’re a LinkedIn user, you can apply for jobs with a single click using your LinkedIn details. While the LinkedIn Jobs site may not have all of those extra features, like career resource tools, it doesn’t need them because you can find those on the LinkedIn site itself. If you already have a LinkedIn account and profile set up, then this job search site is a no-brainer.

4. Monster:

Best Job Search Sites

Whenever anyone needs access to job markets across the world, Monster is an obvious place to start. Monster has grown into one of the largest job search sites on the internet and serves just about every community across the world.

What makes the Monster of job search sites so useful is the international search. Select a country and then search for or browse opportunities. The site lets you post your resume, apply for positions directly, use an advanced job search, and access career resources to help you research every step of the job-hunting process.

And for more help with that job hunting process, check out our guide to getting back on track if you’re struggling. If you’re fresh out of college, use these tips to set yourself up to get the perfect job. And always avoid these times of the year for job hunting.

5. ZipRecruiter:

Best Job Search Sites

ZipRecruiter boasts over 8 million jobs. While the one-click application saves time, customizing your resume for each new job will get more interviews.

The perks are messaging with employers and a handy notifications setup. According to user reviews, search capability may be somewhat lacking. However, thanks to its job board network and alerts, it’s popular among recruiters and job-seekers alike.

ZipRecruiter not only gives you easy-to-use job search tools, but lets you quickly see suggested jobs, applied jobs, saved jobs, alerts, and a message center. You can also receive text alerts, which is handy for keeping up with new jobs available when you’re on-the-go.

You can narrow down your search results with filters for when posted, distance, salary, employment type, title, or company. Plus, as you apply a filter, you’ll see the number of positions available using that filter. A standout feature ZipRecruiter is its 1-Click Apply. Find a job you like, click that button, and that’s it!

6. NetTemps:

Best Job Search Sites

NetTemps is a good site for job hunters to find jobs worldwide. A great feature is the filter options you get. You can refine your search results by job type, salary or rate, distance, industry, and job age. And you can view your recent searches with a click and without registering.

With NetTemps, you can also apply for a job that interests you without registering for an account. This is wonderful if you don’t want to keep updating your resume on all of the job sites you join. Just click to apply, enter your email address, and attach your resume to the message. For quick and easy searching and applying, check out NetTemps.

7. CareerBuilder:

Best Job Search Sites

There’s little question that CareerBuilder is another in the list of best job search websites. If you’re looking for sites like Indeed, this is a good one. You can post your resume, find jobs by company or industry, and save your job searches to receive regular alerts via email.

Similar to Monster, you can use career resources which include who’s currently hiring, jobs on the rise you should consider, recommended positions for you, and helpful tips for your job search. CareerBuilder is a definite job search site to bookmark.

Next on our list of best job boards, CareerBuilder can match jobs to your resume keywords. Their Hire Insider tool also gives a detailed report of how you compete with other applicants.

The site’s Career Tests can help assess your strategy. A heavy ads scheme is somewhat of a turn off for this more traditional job board.

Last Words:

Make sure that you’re prepared to meet your potential employer after using one of these job search sites to apply for a position with these mock interview websites.

You might also take a look at how employment scams work so that you can steer clear of them. And to get help with your first impression, build a beautiful online portfolio, and design the perfect cover letter with Canva! You may find more jobs at Jooble