As we all know that most of the familiar faces or I can say most popular celebrities are always up to date in instagram, facebook and many other social media to gained more popularity. And you’ll definitely see some familiar faces and will find out who is the winner in the celebrity-selfie race. So, here we are going to tell you about most liked photos in Instagram 2015. Ready!

1. Taylor Swift ‘Cat Selfie’

Most Liked Photos On Instagram Of This Year-1

Taylor Swift has 50 million followers in Instagram sounds amazing na…….. 🙂 😉 And you know what Taylor swift’s selfie got 2 million likes the day after she posted it on Instagram….. Shocking na!……. But it’s true…… 😉 😉

2. Kendall Jenner ‘Heart Hair Selfie’

Most Liked Photos On Instagram Of This Year-2

This 19-year-old model can gain the title “owner of the most-liked-ever picture in the history of Instagram”. Her photo got 2.6m likes in just one month beating the wedding picture of Kim and Kanye. No doubt, now the picture has already started a trend of a style of selfie……… 😀 😀