North Carolina is one of the oldest states in the nation, with a history that goes back thousands of years: it’s also one of the best places for modern renters to move.  From the beautiful views to the full seasons and incredible corporations, it’s easy to see why anyone would want to call this space home, but how do you pick where to settle?

These are the top cities in Tarheel State for renters and why it’s a paradise for anyone.


Best known for being a military city that’s home to the largest marine base on the east coast, Jacksonville is a fun place to stop and cut loose while also having countless job options and affordable living.  Great schools, walkable neighborhoods, and a diverse community of people mean that raising kids here is a great way to introduce them to the world and build a healthy relationship with education.


As the state’s capital, it’s fair to say Raleigh draws a lot of attention to itself!  People move here mostly for work, but many also enjoy the huge arts and theater scene that ensure anyone can have fun any day of the week.

Raleigh houses for rent are extremely affordable while also being spacious, ensuring you don’t have to cramp everything you own into a small apartment.  Most rentals here have outdoor spaces where you can stop and take in some nature or build yourself a garden, which can make it feel more like home.

New Bern

New Bern has been a hot spot for renters for over 100 years. This bear-decorated city offers everyone the opportunity to feel like they’re in a small town that doubles as a big city.  From the cute array of shops and businesses to the huge number of trails, paths, parks, and more, you’ll always have weekend plans as long as you want to have them.

This is incredibly affordable, yet it still ranks as the most expensive city on this list.


Charlotte is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities for anyone who wants to move to North Carolina.  With a diverse population, awesome food and entertainment, and affordable living, Charlotte gives anyone a chance to live the dream life they want.  The soul food here, mingled with the long history and high metro population of over two million people, ensures you’ll never run out of things to do and see and interesting people to meet. 

Why Rent in North Carolina?

Renting in North Carolina gives you the best of every world.  From affordable living to incredible entertainment, the best food in the nation, and views that would stun anyone, it’s simple to see why people want to rent here.  This is only made better by how available many of the rentals are, so you don’t have to fight tooth and nail to find a place to live. 

This State is Stunning

Whether you want to live in the mountains or on the oceanside, you can find a city that caters to your needs.  Consider moving to one of these fantastic areas, and you’ll fall in love with North Carolina.