Are you experiencing more pain when you go waxing? If yes, then now you no need to worry because you can reduce waxing pain with some simple steps.

The first time getting waxed in an area hurts the most. Now only by doing some simple steps, you can reduce the pain of waxing.

1. Do Seek A Professional:

If you go for waxing then consult experienced people because they know better that they use waxes according to your hair. They apply the right thickness of wax and they pull off in the right direction with the right speed.

2. Do Dull The Nerves:

Before waxing apply some cream or a product that can desensitize your skin. When you wax sensitive areas like lip, chest, bikini then it’s good if you take a pain reliever about 20-30 min before waxing.

3. Reduce Acidity:

If you consume smoke and caffeine products then it creates a lot of acid in the body. And it reduces skin’s sensitivity that is useful when you go for waxing.

4. Use A Body Scrub:

If you scrub your body then it will prevent hair growth. It will help get rid of dead cells around pores and hair follicles, providing an easier exit. Try to Relax and Wax Scrub Me Luscious Lemon Drop which prevents your skin from greasy and oily before waxing.

5. Don’t Apply Astringent Or Toner Pre-Wax:

Before wax doesn’t apply astringent or toner because they tighten the pores and make it difficult for hair to come out. But you can apply it afterward because it’s good for the skin.

6. Don’t Use Ice For Numbing:

If you apply ice then it makes your skin and pores tighten, so it doesn’t reduce your waxing pain. We want pores nice and relaxed.

7. Less Alcohol Consumption:

Consumption of alcohol can cause your skin more sensitive, it can dehydrate and make skin puffy which can be the reason for extra discomfort. Drink more water to dehydrate your skin.

8. Don’t Wax At Home:

If you are not aware of waxing techniques then please don’t do it at home because it may hurt you more.

9. Be Relaxed:

If you feel relaxed then you can endure waxing pain but if you are not feeling relax then you feel more pain. So, take a deep breath and relaxed while waxing.

10. Don’t Wax Where You Shouldn’t:

The places like inside nose and ear, eyelashes, nipples, and male genitals shouldn’t be waxed. Even don’t wax over skin-burned, pimples, cuts, and irritated skins. It will give you more pain.