Japanese Short Bob Hairstyles: Luscious hair is a sign of beauty and a charismatic personality. Is it a wonder then that we are advised to handle our crowning glory with care? Not everyone is blessed with beautiful, straight, long hair. Most of us try numerous products and remedies in our desire for those dream locks.

But just having beautiful hair is not enough! A bad haircut can make even beautiful hair look awful! And a good haircut can make plain hair look amazing. The classic bob hairstyle is very much in fashion and can be worn by every woman.

The haircut can be customized and worn according to one’s individual taste and personality. One can look lively and cheerful with this evergreen haircut. Made famous by the petite Japanese women, the classic short bob is a winner all the way. Here are the top 5 Japanese short bob hairstyles compiled just for you!

Top 5 Japanese Short Bob Hairstyles

1.Red Raven Hairstyle:

This lustrous haircut gives a sleek look and the bob falls softly, with the rounds and the layers tapering towards the edges. Since the bangs are missing, it gives a simple and subtle look.

2.Creamy Cut Hairstyle:

The rear portion of the hair falls just above the shoulders and the hair slides down gently towards the front. The subtle curves are highlighted through the big bangs and the layers are reduced to slope well.

3.Chocolate Delight Hairstyle:

Now, what do we say about the Chocolate Delight hairstyle? This Japanese bob haircut gives luster to the hair with layers, from the back, blending beautifully with the long layers in the front. The layers in the front fall towards the jaws and a voluminous look is attained through the short layers.

4.Short Whispers Hairstyle:

The hair remains parallel to the chin and the bangs fall like feathers over the forehead. This hairstyle gives an airy feeling because all the layers are spaced so well and there is a proper blend.

5.Short Wavy Hairstyle:

A lot of feathery layers make the haircut look subtle and the layers fall just above the chin, giving a wavy texture. This haircut is suitable for people who do not want to go for bangs.