The people who are emotional they are very sensitive in nature. That kind of people can easily cry when scolded by their boss, teachers, parents and sometimes also by the friend’s comments. And it’s not the bad things or there is nothing wrong in being highly sensitive.

It’s a gift given by god that only you can easily find out if someone around you is sad when all other are busy in their business. You have your own highs and lows which others can’t understand. Maybe many times you act emotionally instead of thinking logically, but you have some things that are not that much worse. Here are those few things:

1. Happiness gets higher priority than success

For you happiness is most important, you want to achieve success but not at a cost of happiness. You believe in spreading love, care to your families, friends etc. So many people are there whose will and zeal to achieve their goal is that much high that they forget their happiness in their race of achieving success. And when they reach their destination they are not that much happy as they should.

2. You are not feeling afraid of making mistakes

We are humans, so making mistakes is normal. Everyone does. You have also made so many before. Emotionally people make so many mistakes but that doesn’t mean that they are bad. They know that it’s the part of life. This is the way you can experience many things. So, there is nothing wrong when you make mistakes.

3. You never want to hurt people’s feelings and respect them

You know that if someone hurts then how it feels. You never want to experience these things by someone. It’s good if you abstain yourself from hurting others feelings. Sometimes it’s unintentionally when you hurt someone. But it is very good if you try hard not do so.

4. Memories are very important to you

For you, memories are very important to you. It will help you to become a thoughtful person. A thing that happened in your past which means a lot to you then it’s very good. But don’t get into too much in your past memories that you can’t enjoy your present.

5. You care about feelings than reasons

For you, feelings are more important than reasons. You care about the feelings of people who are the part of your life. You can break your rules to listen to your heart. Maybe it not lead you where you should but it will definitely give you a comfort and you have a true reason for doing so.

6. You have the ability to scan a vibe

You can easily feel the vibe around yourself. You can easily predict the reaction of someone else about certain comments and by this, you can change the topic if that conversation leads to a disaster one.

7. You love doing things alone

You love to be alone and not socialize with people. There are so many things which you like to do alone like dancing, sports. You also love to travel alone instead of with everyone.

8. You can’t say “NO” to others

You have a huge problem or you can say that bad habits of not saying “NO” to your friend’s even if they ask for anything like walking with their dog in the heavy rain. For you, it’s very simple to do what you don’t want instead of offending someone’s feeling.

9. You fall in love hard and fast

Most highly sensitive people fall in love fastly and that’s why the chances of heartbreak are above the average.

10. Powerful imagination power

You are that much emotional that if anyone’s tells you an emotional story, you start thinking and imaging and correlate your life with that story. Huge imagination makes your mind creative and also makes you take correct decisions.