People are more sympathetic rather than empathetic. When someone shares you his/her problems and feelings don’t give an empathetic response.

If you really want to help such kind of people then try to enter into their pain, don’t be judgemental, shown respect to their feelings and don’t try to impose your opinions.

When someone shares their feeling with you that means they want sympathy, love from you. They have shown their faith in you so don’t do anything that may hurt them more.

When you face these things in life make sure that don’t give empathetic responses and try to soothe the person as much as you can.

1. Don’t talk about that thing. It could be more depressing

Don’t talk about the problem anymore it could be more depressing instead of that try to excuse the conversation. Talk about some other thing that can soothe that person.

2. Keep busy

If you tell that person that “keep busy yourself” it’s the worst advice because we all know that when someone is in pain then it’s very difficult to concentrate on “keeping busy.”

3. Don’t say “At Least”

No need to soothe the person who is suffering by saying something like,”I know that you had a breakup but at least you have good friends.”

4. Don’t say “Cheer Up”

If you really understand the feeling of someone else, then you will definitely know that by saying “Cheer Up” is an effective way to soothe the suffering person. It’s better to respect the feeling of that person.

5. Don’t say your own experience

It’s a very bad approach to telling your experience and correlate it with the life of another suffering person. Keep your attention only on the problems of that person. Try to recover him from that thing.

6. Don’t tell “I think what you should do this”

Once when you start telling your friend that you should do this, you should do that then you are not soothing him you are actually being annoying and insensitive. So, don’t do that and develop your trust to that person.

7. Don’t say “Give yourself a deadline”

Please give time to yourself to get over it. Don’t ask that person that “It has been already six weeks, why you can’t overcome it?” Because each and every person has different emotional processes.

8. Don’t say “You are lucky as compared to others!”

When you are in the middle of emotional trauma it’s not the perfect phrase to tell that “You are lucky as compared to others!”