In the 21st century, fashion moves forward with seven-league steps, and it gradually gets rid of the rules of fashion that seemed previously to be basic and immutable. A couple of decades ago, women might be surprised to see fur not on their outer clothing but on a blouse or a belt.

A lipstick that doesn’t match the accessories, would cause bewilderment. Nowadays, it is a common occurrence, and the democratization of fashion continues. What are other stereotypes fallen into the category of “retro” under the pressure of fashion and modern style?

Evening wear is only with high-heels:

Fashionable Stereotypes That You Should Forget

High-heels are an excellent option not only for an evening outfit but also for many other looks. However, it is far from being the only one. Evening luxury outfits can be supplemented with well-selected sandals and even flats. It is absolutely not necessary to choose them to match a handbag or nail polish, they should only correspond to the overall chosen style of your image. Though the girls from still prefer to wear heels all the time, it’s not more than a whim.

Gold and silver do not fit together:

Fashionable Stereotypes That You Should Forget

If you have only one golden and one silver accessories, then it is really better to follow this rule. However, it’s not about gold and silver, in this case, is better also not to wear bronze and metallic. Many modern images require the presence of several accessories at once, and in this situation, do not worry about the presence of both gold and silver. They will not harm each other, even if these are bracelets on the same hand.

You can wear only something black and white to the office:

Fashionable Stereotypes That You Should Forget

White top and black bottom remain a universal option, but it’s very boring. It deprives you of individuality like a single-colored business suit without any highlight. Add some non-standard items (do not overdo it with brightness) to your office look, add pastel colors and functional accessories. This will not reduce the “efficiency” of your image, but it adds a couple of advantages to your piggy bank of skills of the business lady. After all, one who dresses stylishly can be creative in other areas of their activity.

A horizontal strip makes you look fat:

Fashionable Stereotypes That You Should Forget

One of the most enduring myths tells you that you need just to wear black to look slimmer, and a horizontal strip will immediately add several pounds. Why then is the sea style so popular? A horizontal strip can make some parts of the body visually heavier if it is wrongly applied. However, it’s very easy to neutralize a “heavier” effect. It is enough to “cross out” the stripes with an accessory, for example, with a neck scarf or a V-neck. And then any striped sailor top will not add extra pounds but only emphasize the beautiful line of the bosom, and a striped skirt with a single-colored belt will highlight the well-developed glutes.

Only one pattern can be used:

Fashionable Stereotypes That You Should Forget

In its entirety, the rule says, “You cannot combine different prints in one set of clothes, and if there is already one print, then the rest should be single-colored.” This rule has a good reason because several bright patterns or drawings can really cause ripples in the eyes and association with cheap Hawaiian shirts. However, if you try different combinations of soft and bright prints, big and small patterns, you can achieve unusual results. Fashion designers have been using that for a long time, it’s time for you to follow in their footsteps.

Sandals cannot be put on over socks:

Fashionable Stereotypes That You Should Forget

Sandals with socks have nothing to do with the nightmare. If you choose color socks that match the general style, then you will be able to make your image more fashionable. A variety of socks can also add a highlight because there are good golf options. Don’t be afraid of experiments!