If you are suffering from obesity or body weight issues, a weight loss medication plan might work well for you. But you cannot start the medicines without consulting a professional in the field. 

Moreover, you need to consider multiple factors before starting the medications. Things like if you have any serious health issues, which medicines will work best for your body type, chances of side effects, how long will the medication take to show results, etc. 

You also should know your body mass index (BMI) level to know whether you are eligible to take medicines or not. A combination of all these factors will determine which medicines you should take and for how long. 

This guide has detailed all the essential factors you must know before opting for any weight loss medications. To know more, continue reading this blog. 

How do weight loss medications work? 

There are different ways in which weight loss medications can work. In some cases, the medicines will make you feel less hungry, thereby controlling your urge to eat more. In other cases, weight loss meditations will make it difficult for your body to absorb the fat from your food. 

Will weight loss medications actually work on your body? 

Before starting your weight loss medications, health professionals will check your body’s BMI. The BMI report will help the professionals decide whether the medication will work on your body or not. 

These weight loss meditations are specially meant for people who are overweight or are suffering from obesity. You are only eligible for weight loss medicines if-

  • BMI is thirty or more
  • If you have high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes and your BMI is 27 or higher 

If you are slightly concerned about taking medicines, you can go for other weight management options like regular exercise, a change in your current lifestyle routine, which includes a change in food habits and getting proper sleep, etc. 

Can you rely on only medications for weight loss? 

The answer to the question is no. Weight loss medicines won’t work on your body if you continue binging on high calorie and unhealthy outside food. According to professionals, weight loss medications only work best when you combine them with a healthy lifestyle, including workouts and a clean diet. 

Too much fat can also increase the risk of cellulite deposits in your body and can affect areas like the thighs, buttocks, and even your stomach over time. Basically, Cellulite are the lumps and dimples that can develop under your skin. As the connective tissue starts pushing down on the skin’s surface which in turn pushes adjacent fat upward.

Losing cellulite is as important as losing fat which is why you need help from cellulite experts in order to remove the cellulite in your body. Once the cellulite is removed you can focus on your weight loss. Additionally, you will find an accelerated loss of fat as there is no more cellulite in your body.

How can a weight loss plan benefit you? 

Weight management medications can benefit you by helping you manage and lose your weight. However, you need to make sure that you are following a healthy lifestyle. Eat a healthy diet that gives enough nutrition to your body followed by regular exercise. 

It is seen that people who are on weight loss medicines and follow a healthy routine lose up to 12% of their initial body weight. The ratio is lower in people who follow a healthy routine but don’t take medications. 

Additionally, prescribed weight loss medicines can improve your health by lowering blood pressure, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels. Losing weight can also help you cure other health issues like joint pain, sleep issues, etc. 

You can expect to see body changes after six months of starting weight loss medicines. However, results may vary from person to person as everyone has different bodies and issues. 

How long does one need to take prescribed weight loss medicines? 

The duration of the weight loss medication will depend on factors like- 

  • How fast the medicines are working on your body 
  • If you are facing any serious side effects 
  • How steadily you are losing weight 
  • How obese you were when you started the medicines 
  • If you have any other health issues which restrict taking regular medications 
  • If you are not facing any serious side effects and the medicines are working perfectly fine for you, the doctor might advise you to take them for an indefinite period. 
  • If the medicines are not working at all, your doctor will either stop them or prescribe different medicines. 

Will you regain the weight after you stop taking the medicines?

This depends on your lifestyle. If you stop working out and eat unhealthy and outside food a lot, you will regain the lost weight. Therefore, to maintain your ideal weight, you need to continue eating healthy and follow a regular workout routine. 

According to expert advice, on average, a person needs to workout for sixty minutes daily. Follow a moderation of high intensity and weighted workouts to see excellent results. 

If you are going for medications, make sure you take expert advice. New Medical Spa is a safe option to start your prescribed weight loss journey as they have certified professionals. 

Is weight loss medication ideal for teenagers and children?

The majority of weight loss medicines approved by the FDA are for adults only and not considered safe for children. Orlistat and liraglutide, FDA has approved these two medicines for children above twelve years of age. 


Being overweight is a recurrent issue for a lot of people, and they are always on the lookout for effective weight loss options. Prescribed medication is one of the many ways that seem to work for a lot of people. 

If you want to start taking medications, make sure to read the above conditions carefully. It is essential to have complete knowledge before trying new medications for weight loss.