According to new study supports, all the saturated fats are unhealthy for you. It is found that people who don’t eat unsaturated fats possess longer life than those who eat higher amounts of saturated and trans fats.

According to researchers team, they concluded that “These findings support current dietary recommendations to replace saturated fat and trans fat with unsaturated fats.”

The team is led by Dr. Frank Hu of Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

Sharon Zarabi, a nutritionist in New York City said that “There’s a common misconception that eating dietary fat makes you gain body fat.”

In Hu’s team study, they reported that those who eat more saturated fat and trans fat possess a higher risk of death. They also found that for every 2% rise in trans fats intake will give 16% higher odds of dying and for every 5% rise in saturated fats intake will give 8% rise in risk of dying.

If you intake plant-based unsaturated fats, then higher the amounts of polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fats you take, it will reduce 11% to 19% in death risk.

According to researchers, high intake of Polyunsaturated fats tied to longer lifespans as they contain omega-6 fatty acids which are found in most of the plants, fish, soy and canola oils.

So, if you start taking unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats, then you might have health benefits.

Here some tips are given by nutritionist, Zarabi that which kind of fat you should take or avoid.

She explained that “Essential fatty acids are found in most foods in their natural state, such as coldwater fish, nuts, seeds, hemp, and avocados. The saturated sources are usually processed, including fractioned oils, hydrogenated oils, margarine, butter, animal fats and high-fat dairy products.”

1. Eat a more plant-based diet with less meat.

2. Eat crunchy natural peanut butter.