Ageing is not a walk in the park. While some of you may bypass the worst effects of aging, the gradual decline in health creates the most challenging symptoms. Wouldn’t it be nice if you never had to deal with them? Of course, it would!

All women, after they hit the end of their forties, experience menopause. Most women do not look forward to such a change. Menopause puts an end to your childbearing years. 

Your period stops as an outcome, but that is not the only change you undergo. When you menstruate, the higher levels of hormones play additional roles within your body. But, the minute the protective effects of estrogen disappear, you face unique health risks and challenges.

If you have spent an entire year without getting a period, your estrogen levels are likely to be low. Anu Aesthetics offers hormone therapy that relieves you of many symptoms causing acute discomfort as a result of such low estrogen levels. Read on to know the types and why you need this therapy right away.

Two principal hormone therapy types

Hormone Therapy (HT) is of two major types: Estrogen Therapy and Progestin Hormone/Estrogen Progesterone Therapy (EPT).

Progestin Hormone/Estrogen Progesterone Therapy is also called combination therapy. This HT form combines progesterone and estrogen doses, or progesterone’s synthetic form, progestin.

In Estrogen Therap you take the estrogen alone. Your doctor may prescribe you a low dose of E by administering it as a patch or pill. They may also prescribe it as a spray, gel, vaginal ring, or cream. We recommend taking estrogen in the lowest dose to prevent osteoporosis and ease menopausal symptoms.

Helps in stabilizing mood swings

Women who use hormone therapy say that it helps them cope with dramatic mood swings and irritability. According to a study, hormone therapy in micronized progesterone and transdermal estradiol delivers affective and cognitive benefits. Let us substantiate that with a case study: A woman who had her ovaries and uterus removed as her treatment for endometrial cancer noticed her mood go from upbeat to unhappy.

Later her gynaecologist administered a hormone patch of low dose and her mood lifted within 24 hours. HT indeed helps uplift the mood and eases depressive symptoms.

Urogenital symptoms improve

Various studies have demonstrated that hormone therapy significantly improves sexual function and vaginal dryness.  You can replenish your estrogen deficiency with systemic hormonal preparations. HT improves every symptom associated with vaginal atrophy. Signs of your urinary infrequency will decline with HT. After all, it has excellent effects on the urethral epithelium and bladder.

Most menopausal women have revealed that topical estrogen turned out to be effective in improving their urinary symptoms. These include a decrease in pH, vaginal atrophy, and enhanced epithelial maturation.

Vasomotor symptoms improve

One of the most effective treatments to reduce vasomotor symptoms has to be HT. Within four weeks of starting this therapy, you can gain maximum benefits in vasomotor symptoms. As per some studies, there was a significant decline in the severity and frequency of hot flushes.

Cardiovascular diseases diminish

The relation between cardiovascular disease and HT is controversial. But, the duration and timing of HT alongside any pre-existing cardiovascular illness affect outcomes. When you take hormone therapy, you will see a marked reduction in cardiovascular risks. 

Taking HT has also been shown to reduce the occurrence of coronary heart disease. Around 50 per cent reduction has been found in women in the tenth year of their menopause.

Estrogen has favourable effects. It lowers levels of LDL cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol. Progestogens are not neutral, and neither do they oppose estrogen effects. 

According to the National Care and Health Excellence Institute, HT does not aggravate cardiovascular risks for women below 60 years. It also does not affect the death risk of someone suffering from a particular cardiovascular disease.

Lowers colorectal cancer risks

The WHI (women’s health initiative) trial displayed that colorectal cancer risks dropped in women who underwent HT.

Reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Estrogen helps in increasing the BMD (bone mineral density). It helps to prevent osteoporotic fractures too. The first-line treatment to manage and avoid osteoporosis in menopausal women under 50 years of age is HT. If your doctor warns you that you may be at high risk of fractures, consider hormone therapy.

HT’s bone protection features are related to the doses administered. However, if you take estrogen even in low doses, you can still have bone protection of some sort. HT preserves and normalizes BMD turnover at every skeletal side. This step reduces non-vertebral and vertebral fractures. With long-term use, women taking hormone therapy have admitted to getting no fractures.

The best thing about HT is that its protective effects stay long after you discontinue it.

Additional benefits

  • HT has a remarkable effect on collagen. Topical and systemic estrogen increases the skin’s hydration, elasticity, and thickness by enhancing collagen content. That means you can say goodbye to hormonal aging.
  • Medical evidence supports HT’s beneficial effects on enhancement and maintenance of connective tissues, strength, and muscle mass in women.
  • Long-term risks associated with all-cause dementia and Alzheimer’s disease lessen with HT.
  • Menopause causes migraines to worsen. HT can stabilize most hormonal fluctuations caused due to menopause. You may also notice a significant improvement in your migraine symptoms.


Both the genders can benefit from hormone therapy, be it men experiencing symptoms associated with low T levels or women due to menopause. Truth be told, hormone therapy does not come without risks, yet it remains an effective treatment for bone loss prevention and menopausal symptoms. Of course, HT may not suit some of you; hence, review your symptoms, family and personal medical histories before considering it. Treat getting older as your life’s most rewarding gift. And, if the declining hormones are posing a negative effect, schedule an appointment with an optimal wellness centre.