As we, all know that coca cola is a very popular drink & especially in America but this is also a type of such sugary drinks that can damages our bones as well as our internal body parts or organs. And this real truth is revealed by the infographic.

Coke is a very popular and famous cold drink in the world. I think everybody would like to drink Coke. And especially in America, this is common drink and people drink it daily. And not even in America whole world’s people love to drink coke because today’s modern generation would mostly love to eat junk & unhealthy food and also like to drink cold drinks which are also not good for our health.

Did you ever think that one can of Coca Cola may harm to your body??

Yes, it is true that Coca Cola is not safe for your body and it is found during a study. Coke has a huge amount of fructose corn syrup and also it is packed with refined salts and caffeine. And the regular intakes of these ingredients in huge amount may causes of various and harmful diseases just like – heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and so on.

And according to a study by Harvard University, drinking one can of sugary drink increases the risks of heart diseases by 20%.

There given some bad effects of coke which are noticed during the study which are as follows:

BMD Test Results:

You Have No Idea Of What Does One Can Of Coca Cola Do With Your Body-1

BMD is known as Bone Mineral Density which was conducted in 2005, where the researchers would test around the 1413 women and 1125 men and they found that most women who drink soda daily have lower BMD.