Usually, when we grow up we lose a friend and it’s completely normal. Because when we passed 30 years then we can’t “hang out” with friends every time and every day.

We got so many responsibilities that we don’t have even time to chill with colleagues also. We become wiser and the picture that what we want to do in future gets clearer. I can understand that you might think that how to losing your best friend as we grow up is the normal thing. But here are some reasons that can totally prove you that it’s normal to lose a friend as we grow older.

1. Some Friends Are Actually Toxic

As You Grown Up You Will Definitely Lose Old Friends! Let See Why It's Normal

We all encountered and some may have such kind of friends in their life. The friend whose crazy lifestyle is problematic for you and sometimes they also force you and drag you into their crazy lifestyle. You know that whenever they are with you, you feel not that much good but still you care for him/her. It’s better to move away before putting you in any kind of trouble.

2. You Have So Many Good Friends To Take Care Of Them

As You Grown Up You Will Definitely Lose Old Friends! Let See Why It's Normal2

Once when you become older you find out real friends in your life. They will stay in your life for forever doesn’t matter what the circumstances will be. They are those friends with whom you like to spend time and they also like to do so. That kind of friends are very hard to find but even if you have one or two, believe me, you are damn lucky. It’s also better to understand and maintain one true friend instead of so many buddies.

3. You Have Such Friends With Whom You Don’t Want To Be With


Maintaining good friendship is in itself a big task. We can easily make so many friends but to preserve them is that much difficult. It takes your valuable time but if have any such friend then don’t let them go. It seems that losing your old and also best friends are bad but believe me it’s a sign that you are growing up. You are that much mature enough that you can differentiate between good and bad friends.

4. You Are Now In The Different World

As You Grown Up You Will Definitely Lose Old Friends! Let See Why It's Normal4

When we are young we used to do childish things. But as we grown up our habits, our goal, our friend’s everything change. For example, if you have child friend who was simple and modest that time but now he becomes selfish, rude then definitely you don’t want to be with him.

Let’s take another example that you have one friend who was poor before but now he became rich and develop a kind of selfish, money-minded, and show off quality. He always shows off you his/her leisure lifestyle and you don’t like it so it’s good to lost touch with those friends.

5. You Relocate To Another Place


After school and college life friends relocated to another place because of any reason like a job, further studies etc. By this way, only some are left and slowly-slowly they forget you.

6. Your First Priority Is Family, Career

As You Grown Up You Will Definitely Lose Old Friends! Let See Why It's Normal6

As we grow up we are engaged in so many responsibilities. That time our first priority will become our family and our career and in that race, we forget our friends. That is totally normal and expected. It sucks our adult life but it happens.