These 7 yoga practices that will you do it in a regular way for best results. And it will definitely feel you energize & refreshing which makes your day full of excitement!…………. 🙂 🙂

You know what most of the reasons of your diseases are taking a good sleep and not waking up in an early morning. That’s why we bring some easy and simple stretches or you can say yoga poses that will definitely make you healthy as well as refreshing. The yoga poses are as follows:

1. Transition From Sleep By Lying On Your Back:

7 Morning Yoga Poses That Will Waking You Up & Refreshing-1


1. Firstly, lying on your back on a mat.

2. Then simply bent your knees.

3. And bring your knees close to your chest.

2. Reclined Big Toe Pose -Supta Padangustasana

7 Morning Yoga Poses That Will Waking You Up & Refreshing-2


1. Firstly lying on your back.

2. Just put your one leg in a straight way on air.

3. Just reach around your leg and hold your thigh with a hand.

4. Another knee of bottom leg bent with the sole of your foot resting on the floor.

5. Rotate your ankle while your foot is in the air.

3. Eye of the Needle – Sucirandhrasana

7 Morning Yoga Poses That Will Waking You Up & Refreshing-3


1. Lying on your back.

2. Bend the knee of the bottom leg but keep the sole of your foot on the floor.

3. And if you want to go deeper from there, reach through, hold the back of your thigh and start to draw your thigh toward your chest.