2. Psycho Women:


These women are often beautiful. Sometimes gorgeous super model and she is dating that you are pinching yourself! You can easily, though, are blinded by her beauty. She wants a hug one minute and the next her head is cut off, anger outbursts, unexpected mood.

She is a real personality disorder and her behavior could insights about zero. You are likely to be followed, change your number as better yet, a few months to go in the witness protection program.

Must Read It!

3. Freak Women:


She is overbearing and bossy. She makes all the decisions and you assert yourself when she tries to beat you down. And she goes on dates with you, where she decides. She regularly isolates you from your friends may be. You are starting to become her lapdog.

You also have no voice, you have a relationship that matters, it may begin to wonder. Of course, your friends are watching. They are losing respect for you and you are watching as spineless. It is your self-esteem back and the woman is the time to leave!