Some women are attracted to “bad guys” and sometimes men as well be bad for them, who are attracted to women. We are “bad” for women, but we must not call them. Marriage is a commitment as serious as some people ignore red flags and want to be blinded by lust.

You need to marry the best match. It’s always the “back” you can count on in good times and in bad, which should be a woman.

Angry Wife

Mind it, Men definitely should not marry with following four kinds of women

1. Distress Women:


Every man wants to be a hero in a women’s life and rescue them from all trouble. Women upset defending any kind is so fascinating. Its too appealing to rescue women from trouble.

Must Read It!

You should ask yourself, Why she’s always having problems? Why there is always something bad happening to her. She has a terrible ex-boyfriend or unwanted job or faces daily life problems. At its heart, it is a pity for her. She is not able to pull herself up.

Just you save women in distressed, you end up with nothing more than distressed women, remember. You need to rely on it, then ask yourself what will happen. Time and again to defend women should not be. The only thing you need to rescue a pet!