There is no reason to ignore the fact that you can’t see your beard neckline. If you do not hold your neckline at all stubble, you may get rid of it. But once it exceeds 3 mm and grows into a real beard, it is time to shape your beard. Give your beard the perfect border neckline by following our simple tutorial about how to shape your beard neckline?

A well-defined and neatly trimmed beard neckline can make almost any style look more attractive and neater. This is a way to shape your beard neckline and show the world that you are serious about your business.

What is the neckline?

How to shape beard neckline

The neckline is below the chin, towards the neck, where the neck meets the lower part of the face. On most beards, this is also where the beard should stop and give way to shave your neckline.

It can be trimmed completely or gradually to make it fade out of your beard style and few people look good when left unattended or trimmed lightly. We provide guidance to help you find, shape, and shave your neckline.

Why make a neckline?

Because of the shape and style of almost all beards, the hair that grows from the neck to the area under the chin is short or shaved. A full, thick, very long mane looks exactly the same from every angle: full, thick, very long mane!

Even so, you may not want your hair to grow too much on your neck and try to add them to it. Therefore, for chest hair, knowing how to find and trim the neckline is important information for all men.

A clean neckline can clean the beard and keep the lines clean to provide a sleek design and a neat appearance. A great way to observe the bear from the side up close is something you can’t see, but others will see it! From beard to disappearance.

In addition to increasing the overall appearance of your best facial features, trimming your neck can also avoid unpleasant itching and uncontrollable conditions, freeing you from helplessness and sinking into chaotic and unhealthy areas in another ideal beard.

How do you find the correct line?

After determining that the split can improve the appearance, it is time to determine the desired location. It should be noted that certain styles require certain lines, such as chin straps that usually have higher lines or thick, thick beards that can almost disrupt linearity.

Generally, a short beard is more suitable for a high neckline than a long beard. However, it is best to cut it lower, not too high. The ability to gradually move to the optimal point when the cut is too high seems to be caused by a razor accident! The shape of your face is out of proportion to the hairs you maintain.

How do you find the correct beard neckline?

If you are not sure where to find this vital neckline, you can use several different methods to define the mainline separating the neck from the beard:

  1. Place two fingers on Adam’s apple. The above is the nearly dividing line.
  2. Or look down to create a crease, then mark the area with your finger, and then lift your head. This natural crease marks the dividing line.
  3. Imagine a line descending under the earlobe and bends slightly towards that point. The other side of the face is symmetrical, voila! The exact shape of the line from the ear to the neck can be determined by three main elements: the style of the beard, the length of the beard, and the shape of the face.

What Tools Do You Need To Get A Perfect Beard Neckline?

How to shape beard neckline

In order to better divide the beard area, you should invest in several tools (if not already used).

  • Wooden Comb And Brush: Used for combing and styling hair.
  • Razor & Shaving Cream: Provide a firm shave for people with stable hands.
  • Beard Trimmer: With sharp cutting blades and several guards for a variety of hair lengths.
  • Scissors: Great for trimming back by hand rather than being clean-shaven.
  • Beard Bib: It helps you to catch your surplus hairs before they have fallen into your washbasin or over the tiles!
  • Mirror: It is best to view from different angles so that it can be clearly seen what you are doing.

Also, don’t forget to use oils and balms to keep everything in perfect condition and improve the overall appearance of your hair, no matter how long it takes!

How To Shape Beard Neckline?

Here we mentioned 5 simple steps to shape your beard. You have to follow these simple steps that will help you get a perfect beard neckline.

Step 1: You should know where to stop trim your beard

Lift your head and look directly in the mirror. The hair at the angle you see under your chin must have disappeared.

How to shape beard neckline

Step 2: Define the neckline

Tilt your head back slightly and place your fingers directly on Adam’s apple. This point marks the natural dividing line between the beard and the neck.

How to shape beard neckline

Step 3: Take your cue from the center

Place the trimmer in this position and move it down. Continue to one side, starting from the center, and try to stay below the jawline. Return to the center and work on the other side. Don’t round your beard. A slight upward bend is best.

How to shape beard neckline

Step 4: Stay square or go round

Draw the corners of the beard by cutting a vertical line under the earlobe to connect with the horizontal line under the chin. You can keep it as a chiseled bevel, or you can round it neatly to make it look unmanly.

How to shape beard neckline

Step 5: Add the finishing touch

When you are satisfied with the shape of your beard, please shave it clean to shave off your beard neckline. Something your neck will be proud of.


How to shape beard neckline

And this is the full guidance about how to shape the beard. Good luck!

How To Trim A Neckline?

Before you pick up the razor or trimmer, take the time to use the brush and comb to settle the hairs down into their natural growing direction, ridding them of any tangles or knots and allowing you to see and feel exactly what is – and isn’t – wanted.

Before grabbing a razor or trimmer, take a moment to guide the hair in its natural growth direction with a brush and comb, untie the hair, and see and feel what it is: it’s not expensive.

Keep your head straight (don’t tilt to one side or go up or down too far) and look in the mirror. Here you can find the neckline as described above. See what others think. Judging from this direct expression, almost anything spreading from his throat should be delivered to the beard bib.

By Using Trimmers:

How to shape beard neckline

The trimmer makes work easier, but if the main scissors are not ready, you will most likely still use the razor after trimming is needed. Look for a stubble look or a missing line.

1) Place the stopper at least two positions shorter than the length of the beard.

2) Look Upwards and find the center of the neckline-Remember, Adam’s apple should not exceed two fingers.

3) Use the other hand to pull the skin away from the area. The basis of the cutting action of the trimmer.

4) Place the trimmer at the midpoint and work downwards. Then continue to the jaw. The temptation to make the line too round is enough to smooth the curve. Disturb too high to keep the hem under the jaw. Remember more than is better than short!

5) After finishing one side, go back to the center and cut off the other side, keeping the imaginary line of symmetry.

6) Look at the position of the vertical line from the earlobe to the most horizontal line under the jaw. Cleaner designs require neat bevels, while less textured styles may look more rounded.

7) Once you are sure that all the necklines are in place, and more importantly, to be completely symmetrical, you should change to a razor and shave your neck and neck properly. This leaves a chic style without hair and your beard becomes visible. These are the best.

By Using Scissors & Razors:

How to shape beard neckline

You can use scissors instead of trimmers, but make sure you have a steady hand! Once you have more experience and confidence in where the neckline should be, this may be your best choice.

Go directly to the shaving options, a single blade is best for getting the exact line you want to reach. It is very important to firm the skin and use high-quality, thick shaving cream​​​.

However, such a close shaving effect is very beneficial for a truly smooth and elegant appearance.

How To Create The Fading Neckline:

How to shape beard neckline

If your beard style does not match the sharp line under your chin, you can choose to gradually remove it, where the length of the hair is just above the perceived line than the length of the main beard, and it has won. Can’t be inside a point under the neck.

1) Set the trimmer protective cover again to be at least two positions shorter than the length of the beard and hair, and then start to shorten it to the length just below the neckline.

2) Lower the guard position by one to two degrees, and then start trimming again, but this time it starts to lower, just below Adam’s apple.

3) Again reduce the setting and work on the lowest area.

4) Decide where you want the fading to end and shave off all the objects underneath so that the hair does not seem to come towards you.

The shorter the beard style, the more you need to pay attention to the faded neckline to keep the beard clean and controllable. The long beard covers most of the area, so you are too lazy to comb!

Mistakes Happen!

Most likely, you will make incorrect calculations before gaining any trimming experience. You need to remove the chin or the beard area on the chin.

Setting the belt too high or accidentally sliding on the shaver can cause unnatural and uncomfortable penetration and even the appearance of a double chin.

Don’t be afraid, everything is not lost yet! Grow, but don’t feel the need to shave and start over. Patience is the key, and you can attribute it to the entire beard growth learning process.

If you are not familiar with the world of beards, don’t try to create your beard neckline. Before considering the difference between beard and neck, it is best to achieve the right height!

Allow all hair in the beard to grow uncontrolled for one to two weeks to correct any cleavage defects. Then redefine the changed new line and keep the previous guidance in the decision below. The length and style required and the redefinition of the part-a little patience!

Or, you can let all the growth last for two to three days (instead of a few weeks), and then shape a new neckline under the previous neckline.

Other Tips For Neckline Trimming:

  • Over time, the hair you want to keep will match your beard and blend according to your preferences. This prevents unnecessary irritation and ingrown hair.
  • Always use high-quality shaving cream to make the shaver easy to cut and slide.
  • Keep the neck skin tight to prevent snags, scrapes, and cuts, both when using the trimmer and the razor.
  • Always trim after a warm shower or moisturizing, immediately use a warm water towel to cut the skin on the pores and create a more effective shave area. Using cold water or non-alcoholic aftershave to help your pores close.

Now that you know all the necklines, how to shape them, and how to operate, try to learn how to create the perfect throat to match the shape and style of the beard! You will look smarter, sharper, and the same. Although beards are considered a natural disaster, you are not sure what to do!

I hope this little guidance about how to shape your beard neckline will be helpful for you. Still, you have any doubts then no need to worry. Feel free to ask any questions to us. We would like to answer all your questions.