Is your Android mobile phone running slow? Is it frustrating to see your phone hanging frequently and switching off? If you’ve forgotten or lost your screen lock password, PIN, or pattern. “Well, you’re lucky today”! Because, here we provide you an amazing method of How to Hard Reset or Factory Reset Blu G50 mobile.

Before you begin… If you are still able to access your device settings and navigation on your phone, you might be more interested in reading How to take Backup and Restore Android Phone, which goes through the process of a full backup and then perform a factory data reset through your phone settings.

If you are having trouble using hard reset options through settings, no worries you can always try to do a factory reset on your Android Smartphone and this article will surely help you to do it most easily. This is the perfect solution if you have touch screen issues or cannot navigate properly on your phone. It is also an alternate option if you are unable to fully turn on the device or when the phone doesn’t turn on at all.

So, here we go! Today we show you how to do hard reset Blu G50. Check out the following tutorial to find the solution to your problem. In the end, your android phone will start working as smoothly & faster as you bought it for the first time.

There are few things you have to check out before Hard Reset process of your Blu G50. Check out given below points:

Make Sure That Your Blu G50 Is Powered Off:

Whenever you perform a hard reset method on your android device make sure to power off your mobile phone. In case you are not able to power off using the power button, then you have to pull your device’s battery out and count up to ten. Now you can put the battery back in your device but don’t press the power button to ON your device, just keep it powered off.

Also, ensure that your mobile is not plugged into a charger. Because the reset process is not going to work on your device if your device is plugged into a charger. So, make sure to double-check that your mobile is fully powered off and also not to plug into a charger.

Hard Reset Process May Vary:

Alternate resets also usually involve performing a series of keystrokes which we’ll get to in a minute. The key combination you need to perform will greatly depend on the specific make and model of your phone and the version of the Android operating system currently running on the device.

For example, you can do a one-way reset on a phone if it is running OS 2.2 (Froyo), then you upgrade your phone to OS 2.3 (Gingerbread) and the method no longer works, forcing it to use a different method. When you upgrade to OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) again, you might need to use a different method and different key combinations to perform the same alternate reset. So, pay attention to this. You may also have to try the restore several times for it to be successful.

Note: Don’t forget that a hard reset is a permanent process that can’t be undone. It will erase all personal data and content downloaded to your phone, don’t worry, it will not affect or erase your memory card or anything saved on your SIM card. This includes content such as pictures, ringtones, lyrics, apps, etc., and usually also resolves software issues, bugs, viruses, etc. If possible, try to make a backup first. Usually, when you need to perform an alternative reset on your device, you may not be able to take a backup.

Pre-Requisites for Hard Reset:

  • You have to fully charge your device because the reset process needs at least 50% battery of your device. If your device is not charged before the reset process then it will be a high chance of your mobile being struck between the reset processes.
  • And last but not least that make sure to take a complete backup of your mobile phone.

Common Hard Reset Method for Your Blu G50:

Let’s begin with the most common Hard Reset method which is mentioned below:

Step 1: Firstly, push the Volume Down + Power button for a few seconds. It will turn off your Blu G50.

Step 2: Then hold the Volume Up + Power key together for a couple of seconds.

Step 3: If you see the Blu G50 logo, then release all buttons immediately.

Step 4: Now use the Volume Keys to choose to Wipe data/factory reset and confirm it with the Power button.

Step 5: There you have several options in which you have to select Factory data to reset from the menu and accept it with the Power key.

Step 6: At last, select Reboot system now by using the Power button. And you are done! Now your device is reset and password-free.

Other Methods to Hard Reset Your Android Mobile:

We have also explained some other methods to Hard Reset your android device. Check out the given below methods that will also be helpful for you:

Method 1: 

>> Turn off your phone completely, press and hold the volume down key, and then press and release the power key while holding the volume down key for about 10-15 seconds. When you see additional options on the screen, you can release the keys.

>> Press the Volume Down key to navigate down the options until the reset option is highlighted; it usually says FACTORY RESET, then press the power button to make your selection.

Method 2: 

>> When it is off, press and hold the Home button, while continuing to hold the Home button, turn on the device by pressing the power button.

>> When the Android recovery screen appears, release the Home key, and then on the Android recovery screen, press the volume up and volume down keys at the same time.

>> If / when you are on the Android system recovery screen, release all keys then use the volume down key to move to the “wipe data/factory data reset” option. Once highlighted, press the power key to select it.

>> When the message “Confirm deletion of all user data?” Press the volume down key to highlight Yes: delete all user data” and then press the power key to select it.

Method 3:

>> Turn off your device, then press and hold the Home button and press and release the power button (while still holding the Home button).

>> From the Android Recovery screen, press the Search key.

>> Press to select wipe data/factory reset, then select OK (located at the bottom left of the screen).

Note: If the screen is unresponsive, use the volume keys to scroll and the Camera key to select.

>> Select Yes – delete all user data, then select OK (bottom left again).

>> Select ‘reboot system now and press OK.

So, now you realize how to hard reset an Android Smartphone and the following time your touch screen quits reacting, your telephone freezes, your telephones power cycling, you fail to remember your secret key, or essentially any explanation you wouldn’t have the option to play out a reset through the settings, you’ll be set.


Q- What Is Hard Reset?

A- Hard Reset is a method of restoring a device to the state it was in when it left the factory. That means all the settings, applications that are being installed or updated by the user will be removed. And this process sets all your settings as your default settings when you bought your phone as well as your phone will run faster & smoother than before.

Q- What is the difference between Hard Reset & Factory Reset?

A- Hard Reset: Hard Reset method is directly associated with the hardware version of your device. That means when you use this method then it will clean all your device’s hardware updates as well as all the data that will be stored on your phone. After performing this reset process your phone’s processor will restart the application. And for performing this method you have to use the physical button of your device.

Factory Reset: A factory reset method is used to erase all data from your device. It will clear the entire system of your mobile phone. This method is also used to remove any bugs or interruptions after updating your system. To use a factory reset option you have to go first Settings > Backup and Reset. So that you can easily perform a factory reset of your phone.

Q- How to Take Backup of Your Android Phone?

A- Before resetting your phone, you should create a backup of your device’s data. So, check out the following steps to find out how to create a backup of your Android phone.

>> Firstly, you have to go to the Settings of your phone.

>> Then go-to System.

>> Now you get the option of Backup, you should click on it.

>> There will be an option of Back Up to Google Drive, you have to enable it. In this way, you will create all your backup of your app data, call history, device setting, SMS text messages.

>> Now come to the contact backup, for that you have to go to the Settings again.

>> Then go to the Accounts option.

>> Now click on the Google account which is logged into your phone.

>> There you have to enable the Contact option and sync.

>> Even though you can use Google Photos to back up your photos.

Q- What are the advantages of a Hard Reset?

A- By performing this method your all junk files will be deleted and your device is cleaned fully.

>> Now your device will not hang.

>> Even though the pop-up ads will stop coming after the resetting method.

>> After performing this method all of your settings will go back to default.

Q- What are the disadvantage of Hard Reset?

A- After using this method you will lose all your data stored in your phone such as – contacts, images, videos, installed applications.

>> You will also lose WhatsApp backup.

>> Any other saved settings, saved WiFi passwords, preferences, etc. would also be removed.

Hope you like the all methods we cover to hard reset or factory reset Blu G50 mobile. Please share your thoughts with us. We will be appreciating your efforts. If you have any queries then please leave your comment in the comment section box.