Are you a photoholic, or are you into the profession where it takes you to be a good photographer? If yes, in addition to professional cameras, you also need to have a phone with an amazing camera. And in case you do not have a smartphone, here we are sorting out this issue for you. The honor x7a photo looks like a dream with all the natural and eye-pleasing effects. It is easy for a photographer to take photos on this smartphone. So, in the remaining part of the blog, you are going to discover about the Honor x7a camera, photos and videos taken on it.

Honor x7a camera:

Honor x7a has a Quad rear camera of 50MP that gives the picture wide-angle effects, HDR, flash, and panorama features.

The front camera is 8MP, and the videos taken on both these cameras are 1080 resolution.

This means that with this high-resolution camera, you can improve not just your photography skills but even your videography.

Even if a professional can use this smartphone camera as the go-to camera for their projects; shoots, vloggers and tubers have also been seen using this camera.

And for all those who cannot afford to buy a professional camera and are incapable of starting photography, you just need to invest in buying an Honor x7a and let your work speak later.

Honor x7a photos and videos:

The pics and videos captured by the camera of Honor x7a are HDR with high-resolution pixels. Even in the dark, the photos will not be blurry and have low resolution. This means this phone camera gives you amazing picture results no matter the lighting condition.

Honor x7a photo storage space:

After taking a bunch of pictures and videos on Honor x7a, you do not need to transfer them to a separate device, and you can keep them on your phone. This smartphone has a maximum storage of 128GB and 6GB RAM, which means you do not need to worry about storage space while capturing your best moments.

If you are on a trip with your family or friends, you do not need to carry a separate data saver device. All of your data will be saved on this phone because it has more than enough space.

Other important details about Honor x7a:

Honor x7a has a refresh rate of 60Hz, and the display brightness rate is also pretty good. It means that if you take photos in natural sunlight, you do not need to add any filter or effect to them to make them aesthetic.

Soft, smooth touch and superfast tasking can be done on Honor x7a.

If you would like to transfer your pics and videos to another source, you can connect USB to it, and the phone also supports OTG.


The results you get with honor x7a photos are amazing, and one cannot deny the fact that all Honor smartphones have amazing cameras. You need enough storage space with a good camera, and Honor x7a has that as well. So, where are all the photographers? Get your hands on this phone as soon as possible and take your photography a notch high with it.