John Cena, a 16-time world champion, made a very emotional message after learning of the passing of a WWE legend.

On Thursday, Bray Wyatt, a former WWE Champion, passed suddenly. John Cena, a star of the WWE, has written a moving obituary for Bray Wyatt. In the WWE, Wyatt and John Cena had a fierce rivalry. The news of Bray Wyatt’s passing shook John Cena, who expressed as much. Cena said Wyatt was responsible for making the ring better.

On Thursday, WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt passed away from a heart attack. The age of Bray Wyatt was 36. The death of Bray Wyatt has left WWE Superstar John Cena in shock, he has admitted. Bray Wyatt, according to John Cena, is responsible for making the ring better.

On Wednesday, Triple H claimed to have learnt of Wyatt’s passing. Windham Rotunda was the real name of Bray Wyatt. He won the WWE Championship once and the Universal Championship twice while wrestling for the Wyatt organisation. In addition to playing a match at the Royal Rumble 2023 premium live event, Wyatt returned to the organisation last year.

John Cena Paid Tribute
In the WWE, John Cena and Bray Wyatt had a fierce feud. The two engaged in a heated rivalry at WrestleMania 30. Six years later, in a visually stunning match called the Firefly Fun House, Wyatt as The Fiend defeated Cena to extract revenge on the 16-time World Champion.

John Cena Is Shocked By The Death Of Bray Wyatt

Many former and present wrestlers have paid respect to the late star since the news of his passing spread, and now Cena has sent his condolences to the Rotunda family. John Cena expressed his shock at Wyatt’s passing on X formerly known as Twitter and remarked that the former WWE Champion brought out the best in him.

After going viral, John Cena’s post
John Cena expressed his gratitude for his interactions with Bray Wyatt throughout his time with the WWE. “Shocked to hear of the passing of Windham Rotunda,” John Cena wrote in a post. I’m thinking of the entire Rotunda family. In several respects, Windham brought out the best in me. I will always be appreciative of the times we spent together. For everyone who has heard this news, today is a sad day. may his soul eternally rest in peace.

Chavo Guerrero, a former WWE star, expressed his reaction by writing on Instagram, “Just crushed! I recall talking to you when you were a Visalia College football player about whether or not you wanted to carry on the family tradition. The Royal Rumble came up, and before we knew it, I was managing things on the spot with you. RIP, sir. Family always!”

“Similarly, Zelina Vega, a professional wrestler, wrote on her Instagram account, “RIP to one of the sweetest, most intriguing persons I’ve ever encountered. one of the brightest minds in wrestling. Always willing to help, always willing to defend his pals. I find today’s news to be unbelievable.

“I’ve known Windham since I went on my first FCW tryout. He was one of the first individuals to have faith in me and desire me to achieve my goals. I’m terribly sorry. My sincere condolences go out to his wonderful family, his lovely wife JoJo, and his amazing children. Everyone—his friends, family, fans, and the wrestling industry—are affected by this tragedy. , WINDHAM.

Karrion Kross, a WWE Superstar, stated on Twitter: “Call a friend today and tell ’em you love them, no matter what’s going on. You never know when the chance to do so will pass. Brother, I’ll see you up there.