Today, for many people, casually scrolling through their news feed on Instagram and double-tapping “interesting” content is a guilty pleasure. No matter the time of the day, interesting content on this social media platform never goes unnoticed. 

Data collected from a recent survey indicates about 500 million users of Instagram who have access to Insta stories. Instagram’s sources reveal that the site is used by almost 60% of the population for promoting their businesses. 

It comes as no surprise that today Instagram has become the ultimate platform hosting several opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. The only question that remains is – how do you plan on using Instagram to your advantage?

The typical audience is always scrolling through content and refreshing his news feed, so there is no “good time” as such to post content on Instagram. 

If you wish to make money online through interesting content, then your content must be uploaded NOW! The value addition of Instagram as a tool for marketing is moot, and therefore it is important to look at the following strategies –

1. Using Hashtags

If you have been awestruck by the efficiency and the strategy of the leading brands, then it is time to shut the gaping jaw and observe. The potency that leading brands inculcate in their advertising campaigns takes years of hard work and meticulous planning. 

The takeaway for you is the way they promote. A look at the social media campaign can point out prima facie that the hashtags are quite liberally used in the captions. 

Some major brands like Nike have had famous campaigns that have been nothing but hashtag taglines such as #RunFree or #ChooseYourWinter. What do hashtags do to your campaign? 

Hashtags are widely used because they are important tools to mobilize communities along the lines of your motto or campaign. These hashtags are what make your campaign effective by popularizing them in communities.

2. Step Off The Podium 

What is more difficult for your prospects is the element of identifiability with the brand or the product. Why? Because most brands commit the grievous error of placing themselves on the podium and alienating themselves from their target consumer group. 

This is the reason that modern marketing tenets advocate strongly in favor of engagement with your prospective consumers. Your followers need to relate to you and vice versa. 

For you, relatability is an equally important factor because it allows you to stay relevant to your target consumers. A stronger perception of your brand’s image can only be amplified if the target audience’s perceptions are accounted for.

3. Overposting is Hazardous!

There is a thin line of difference between regular posting and over-posting on Instagram. Thanks to a milieu of different features, sometimes an overzealous post can cause sour perceptions over time. As a brand, occasional quips and witty updates are important to your image but so is seriousness. 

Over-posting can give off the impression that your brand is not a serious one, and the posting is more of an unnatural habit than a tool to connect. To put it simplistically, a post must have a cause or relevance for your brand to remind customers about itself. 

That is the entire objective of Instagram Marketing. However, when you tend to over-post, more serious posts get subdued and fail to garner a lot of attraction and buzz.

4. InstaStories Update

With the story feature’s introduction, you now have a wider array of promotional activities at your disposal. Instagram stories support many features, such as the 15-second teaser clip, to introduce your IGTV video. 

The contemporary Instagram video editor like video creek can provide many subtle editing changes to make your content look insta-awesome! Instagram stories are quick updates that take precedence over the news feed and last for only 24 hours. 

This lets your audience update themselves to what’s new with you quickly and the icon appearing on top makes it unmissable for a prospect. It comes as no surprise that the story feature has quickly become Instagram’s most popular one in the short duration of its introduction.

5. Fixating on Themes

There are two ways to post, one of which involves randomly posting whenever you develop new content; the other is quite structured. Utilizing themes as a central focal thread of your posting spree puts an element of coherence in your posts. 

To the mind of the average audience, it involves a factor of relatability and connection. Since all your posts conform to a singular theme, there is a greater scope to increase brand recognition amongst your target groups. These days, random posts generate a lot of hype too. 

Though there is nothing wrong with following either technique, adherence to a common theme has significantly increased brand recognition.

6. Insta Tools 

Instagram is updated with a lot of tools and techniques to help you with your content. Insta analytics is one of the most important features. This is because it tells you the engagement and viewership of every post. 

Unlike other social media platforms that generate cumulative analytics, Instagram isolates each post and analyses it separately. This gives you a deeper analysis of what to expect and how best to augment your strategies to an effective point.

7. Promote Your Feed through Other Platforms

Yes, Instagram is an extremely interesting and engaging platform having the maximum viewership currently. However, you must understand that all of your prospective customer groups may not be there on Instagram at any given time. 

Hence, you must advertise and promote your posts through other social networking media as well. Social Networking sites like Facebook and YouTube can single handedly drive a lot of traffic to your channel if you are willing to make engaging content with a YouTube video editor. Click here to read more.


It is important to realize that brand recognition is not achieved overnight. For a successful campaign, you need to promote a purpose with the product that the audience can associate with. Thus, marketing on Instagram through clever strategies is the surest way to go “viral.”