Card games are infamous around the world for many reasons. But, mostly because it is convenient and easy to play. Since the time of World War I, card games were largely played among soldiers, and now in 2020, it remains the same.

According to Google Trends data, searches show that the annual ration of card games are high during the Holiday season. Even kids are not untouched by the magic of card games like Pokemon. One can buy Pokemon cards from any Pokémon Card Shop online. But in 2020, card games have shown a new status of popularity, with searches increasing by 112% between March and May this year.

Card Games That Are Likely To Be Popular?

Comprehending the admiration for card games is simply impossible without the help of Google. Thus, we have used Google search data to understand which games are most likely to be popular around the world.

Starting with one of the card games that have made remarkable progress in the last five years, Teen Patti. This particular game is already established in various countries, but especially in India, it is one of the main card games to be played.

As per our research, we can assure you that Teen Patti would become worldwide famous by 2025. The makers of the game have worked really hard for the game’s success. Currently, it features side bets that provide you the chance to win up to 1000x your stake, which is incredible.

Right after Teen Patti, the second place is taken by Stud and Baccarat, Blackjack, PaiGow poker following the chart chronologically. All these games are supremely popular in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, France, Czech Republic, India, etc.

You might be surprised by the results that card games, such as Blackjack are played in more than 14 countries, Stud is played in  4 countries, Baccarat is played in 3 countries. Hence, card games are probably the one category of pastime games that had a wonderful history and possibly the luckiest future!

5 Reasons For Card Games To Be Popular

There have to be some reasons why card games are so popular among nations and have such an impact on people. The following are the top 5 justifications we have come up with, such as:

1. A source of fun and excitement

There is absolutely no doubt that card games are the favorite gameplay of people because it is utterly enjoyable. Whether you play it on holiday seasons with family or normally with friends, it has great fun to offer. These games require more than one person, therefore it helps in strengthening relationships among individuals. That’s why many love to spend their quality time with a bunch of card games and lots of food.

 2. Appealing than other games

Unlike board games, which often compel a whole lot of setting up, a game of cards doesn’t need much of an arrangement or setup. Also, card games are adaptable, you can wobble them up and move to a game of blackjack or baccarat from rummy in a matter of minutes.

Furthermore, you find card games appealing more than other games because you can play as long as you want without getting bored. Card games are versatile as they offer so many variations, you know there’s something for everyone.

3. Influence of films

Films have a huge influence on people in general. And as for the films like Lucky You, The Grand, Deal, Casino Royale, they have increased the popularity to another level. Especially for Casino Royale, the admiration for poker has had a significant boost among people.

For many who are new to card games and have a hard time understanding the classification, films are always a great and easy option for them to learn about Blackjacks, Baccarat, Teen Patti, etc.

4. Versatility

Card games are extremely adaptable and have been through several changes from one generation to another. Thus, there are numerous variations with distinct rules to play rummy. Across countries and even households,  unlike other games, card games can be scaled up or down to fit the challenge levels compelled to incorporate both kids and adult players alike. There are just numerous variations of card games that are simply not possible to master in a few sittings.

5. Advancement

One of the reasons for the vogue of card games is the indestructible advancement built by the makers for both online and offline platforms.

As we were talking about the game,Teen Patti, which is established throughout countries, but in India, it has shown extraordinary results of advancement. These games have broadened. There are several editions of poker and blackjack, you can play online, and multiple other live dealer games have also been enlisted.


Hopefully, now you have a clear idea behind the unstoppable progress and popularity of card games across nations. Not just now, but in the upcoming 10-12 years, this will remain the same, we should assume that.