I’m like most people in the country today. I spend hours on my phone. At the end of each day, I do not remember where the time went or what I did on the phone. But there is also a silver lining to our dependence on our phones. It is on you if you want to be on the receiving side, or use a problem to an advantage.

Since more people are hooked to their phones today, it is a great place to consider doing business. No matter what the company is, it can be run with your phone today. In this real hunt for my next venture, I came across Selltm.

My Story As A Cosmetics Distributor

My love for beauty products was always at its peak. I liked buying them, reading about them, sharing information about them. They are simple and straightforward products that can be life-changing for some people. 

I was always interested in starting my own business in the world of beauty products, but there were too many roadblocks. The first roadblock was, of course, starting a company. 

To sell products, I needed a reliable distributor and constant circulation of commodities. I needed a place for warehousing and distribution. 

I would also need an excellent team for sales. But all this changed when I discovered the Selltm App.

This application has made it very easy for me to do business in reselling without having to hold a large inventory or deal with distributors. Using the app, I have been able to sell cosmetics directly to people in my friend circle; through a simple Whatsapp message and make money in commissions.

How Selltm Helped Me

This application works beautifully in giving me regular updates about the latest in the market. All I need to do is keep track of the new products and then share them with my friends. 

Since we are always connected on WhatsApp via groups and chats, this process is easy. It takes me hardly an hour each day to keep everyone updated about the latest products and convert them into orders.

It has also been easy for me to make sales since the products on this platform are at a much better cost than other markets. People will always try to compare costs with other sources, and it is easier to make a sale when your prices are lower. Additionally, once they use the products, they will get an idea about the quality too.

When it comes to cosmetics, getting the details of the products and good quality photos could be very difficult. If this information is not accurate, then it could be hard to make sales. 

However, Selltm has allowed me to download the photos on my phone very conveniently. I can also share them directly using the platform on Whatsapp.

I regularly use pre-designed posters and banners on the application for spreading the word. There are many posters that you can download and easily share on your Whatsapp status. They look professional and have the right information that can help people understand your work.

The more I have been using the app, the faster I am getting in understanding how much you can do with it. It also offers excellent support, so there is never a delay in any of my services.

I am very impressed by the payment efficiency of the app too. The money reflects in my account without any hassles. It is simple to link my account to the application and takes hardly a few minutes.

I had never imagined that using just my phone; I would be able to make such a fast and comfortable income.

What Should You Know About Selling Cosmetics Online?

Using the reselling platform has, for sure, made life very easy for me. But there are a few points I keep in mind when trying to make the most out of it:

  • Whatsapp Status has genuinely been one of my many helpful tools. I’ve been posting all the updates on my status. This allows people on my contacts to know about my new supplies and learn about my work.
  • Ask your friends to tell more people. This has also helped me connect with people I am not always in touch with and expand my market.
  • Use broadcasting features on Whatsapp to resell to interested members. Since they will always be on the lookout for more products, you can make a list and send them all the details in just one click.
  • Most of the products used by women are needed regularly and usually exhaust in a fixed duration. It is always more comfortable when you can buy them online, and it reaches your doorstep.
  • With the use of an online platform, I’m able to set priority to the time of the sale. For example, as winter sets in, I make sure to promote and push for more cold-weather-friendly cosmetics.
  • Push your sales more when you are aware of weddings, festivals and gatherings.
  • One factor that has helped me make this a sustainable career is consistency. Since there are always more products coming into the market, I’m able to offer my clients a variety and regular supply.


Selltm helps you turn sales fast, and the commissions are sent to you as soon as the transactions are processed. You can make around fifty thousand a month through the Selltm app and that also from the comfort of your own home.

I’m very grateful to have been introduced to such technology that has added value to my life and assisted me in becoming independent. If you have a big circle of friends, you will be easily able to make a jump start to the front. After that, with small and regular efforts, you will be able to get a stable income.

My earnings from Selltm is now my primary source of income. I get to live and work on my terms. It helped me turn my passion into a business and also helped me increase my standard of living by a considerable margin.